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=Button Tutorial 2=

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This is my second tutorial here on Newgrounds. Just like the other one, this one is about buttons. I made tried to make this one cover a lot more stuff than the previous one.

Sorry about the grammar mistakes. I stayed up until around 11 last night finishing it!

Also, please recommend for the Flash Tutorials Collection!

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Decent TUT Here

WEll first off thisis a decent flash entry, there was a few issues that could be worked on, ill explain that later but i must say you still did well and showed that you were putting in the effort and it shows, This had a nice style to it and i was having fun with this aswell, so nice job all together on this, and do lookforward on more from you like this entry. So the "BACKROUNDS" could use some more effort more change there, maybe the color base, This was a decent Tutorial, shows alot of basic and simple ways of tackling the task and thats what will be good for teaching a few people in need of learning the basics, Besides the backrounds the designs and graphics were really well take so nice effort on everything else there, The "MUSIC" seemed somewhat louder then usual so you may want to lower it just a tad, So the "TUTORIAL" itself is kind of on the basic side and will help new flashers, but maybe in the future you should include basic and advance tuts in the same flash so that you can cater to a more variaty of audiance, just a thought anyways, A decent game here I really enjoyed playing around with this, as there was some good vibes from this decent visuals, and somewhat of an entertainment value to this submission, but in the end i liked what you have presented here and was pretty good if you ask me, could use some more to it and such but thats for later, but anyways decent flash entry you have here.

And so this is where i suggest a few ideas and improvments, cant always do that since some stuff is really good and right on tack, but with this one there was some good points and only a few points of suggestions for improvment, i have suggested a few ideas thruout the review including here, so just think about the ideas and just imrpve and make the weaker points stronger, in-turn commingout with an overall better outcime of an entry.Well ill start off with the backrounds they could use a differant color base, Lowering the sound quality would also be another tip of advice, And lastly but not least try and cater to more of a learning audiance, so the basic tuts are great but also include some more advanced tuts for both types of flash levels and so on.

Great Tutorial! (Recommended 4 Tut Collection)

I do have to agree will Haggard though... The Background/ Text color combination is a bad one here, and it is a bit hard on the eyes.

The tutorial itself is wonderful; I love how you explained everything simply, and still snuck in a few full on finished examples along the way.

Suggestions for the future:
- Typos and spelling errors can be an eyesore; Take the time to make sure these things are taken care of.
- Next time I would consider a bit more complicated looking layout

Overall, great work :]

-Review Request Club-

Phantox responds:

I agree on the spelling mistakes. I can't believe I missed them.

Thanks for the review

Good tutorial

I'm not too happy with the background colour. I think black text on a white background still works best for longer texts. Granted, it always looks a bit boring, but why change around something that works so well?

Anyway, I really liked this tutorial. You explain very well how to create different kind of buttons. I still see flash submissions where the buttons don't really work or where only the text of a button is clickable (which can be annoying if the font is too thin), so I think it's a good thing that button tutorials are submitted somewhat regulrarly by different users. This might encourage some upcoming flash artists to watch at some tutorials every now and then.

Last thing: The links on the start screen didn't work for me. The mouse pointer changed appearance, but when I clicked the links nothing happened.

{ Review Request Club }

Phantox responds:

I tried black but I don't think it went as good as white. I'll keep that in mind for next time, though.

I just noticed that the screen doesn't work either. I can't change it though since I lost the .fla file.

Thanks for your review

Not too bad

Well this tutorial was helpful and the color was pleasing on the eyes as well. One of the few things here that really bothered me was during the latter part of the tutorial you had red font on a blue background which kind of makes your eyes hurt since the two colors don't go well together. I would suggest changing it to black or some other color that would not be harsh or hard to read.. it becomes even harder to view if one was colorblind I think.

The graphics were simple and the guns were well drawn I think. The only graphic problems I have is the red on blue later in and that's it.

The music played was simple although I don't know if it was my headphones or not, it did feel a bit loud at times but maybe it might just been the audio artist is all.

The tutorial is very useful in letting users know how to do this as well. not the first but it gets right down to the basics and even shows how to do a few neat things with words and pictures that you use for a button which is nice.

Overall, not too bad, I would just change the red text to something else.

Review Request Club

Phantox responds:

I agree with the red text. I'll keep that in mind for next time.

Thanks for the review


I don't think this serves much purpose apart from showing what the basics of buttons are. Apart from the 110% newbie that enters flash only occasionally, pretty much everyone knows what a "button" is, in flash and in real life.
Okay, let's start.

The graphics: The layout is clean and simple, along with the text which conveyed the tutorial in a no-frill manner; however, the use of text as a button confused me at first. At the initial screen, I thought it was going to be a list of links which finished each part and returned you back to the title screen. Now there's an F and a B button, which I didn't know what they were until I just clicked on them; it took me a while to figure out they were "forward" and "backward". Either way, the graphics are minimalistic -- the way they're supposed to be.

The sound: I don't think it's a very good idea to include music and sound effects in the same package in a tutorial, especially where the music is so loud it drowns out some sound effects and some SFX so loud it drowns out the sound and turns the whole thing into a cacophonic "ear-rape". Thank god there's a "pause" button for the music...I wish there'd been a "set volume" button as well. Maybe you could've taught how to create that, I presume?

The tutorial: Now, the thing is, everyone knows what buttons are. This tutorial just expands a little on what buttons are, and introduces the viewer to actionscript. This is, of course, worthless to anyone who knows what buttons are, and what Actionscript is, such as a programmer. It doesn't help that there's only a "made in As2" tag and there's no "Choose version" button. Maybe it'd introduce some people to actionscript 3? Either way, this is newb (and noob) only. Pshh. Especially when you count that this is from 2010, and not many can see this flash since it's not featured or in a collection.

All in all, a very basic tutorial for the ultra newb, and is completely useless to others. At least it fulfils its purpose, although you didn't teach alternative methods (such as the use of the "Hit" frame).

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Minimalistic graphics
2) To the point

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Teaches extremely basic stuff ("extremely useful? Maybe, maybe not.")
2) Loud sound, loud music
3) Confusing progress buttons (ironic...)

[Review Request Club]

Phantox responds:

I agree this is for the basic beginner but when I was starting flash, I knew nothing. I tried all the button tutorials and there were many times where I was stuck because the instructions weren't written correctly or it didn't explain steb-by-step and I would get lost somewhere. I also had to learn to how animate the buttons by myself because I didn't find a flash that explained how to do it.

Anyways, thanks for the review.