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Zombie Shooting Gallery

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This ain't your regular target hall, so steady your hand and take on the range! Shoot the zombie targets, and avoid the civilian ones...

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it's good

it's good i just think you throwing to many targets out at once i like how you make them move faste and put civilians in the way but it would be an improvment if you didn't throw 10 targest moving all at once


i thought dis would be cool but the qualitys crap and the zombies dont atack

The Idea is nice

The controls could use some work though, I would have to fire the gun several times to hit some targets, not that that was always a bad thing it kept me from hitting the living a few times. the end of the 2 levels made me laugh because it goes apeshit with 50 million zombies and living running around.

I'm giving you a decent score because it has potential, but mostly because of level 2 with the dead body shaking like it wants to get up and eat my face when I'm not looking.

No good.

It was okay, but got boring fast.

Pretty Cool

But the gameplay was waaaay too repetitive. Anyway, nice graphics, i really liked the handgun design. Nice work.