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>>> WRATH II <<<

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You are God. You're people have angered you Greatly (again!) and deserve to be punished. Make sure they know they're being punished!

News - Angelcakes, a kind of spin off of Wrath is now available (see my games list)

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Pretty good for 2002, but I can't say that it aged very well. There are many unique features here, with the whole murder bar at the bottom being calculated by many things at once, but the art and animation aren't anything to be impressed by.

It seemed rather difficult to pass stages even though I was playing on easy... I don't want to know what hard is like.

Last review from 4 years ago?
This game has an awesome replay value!!!!!!!


not particularly fun, Westboro Baptist Church, the game


for the last level, whenever satan is on the ground, use earthquake


I like the concept. An intuitive thought that your god might someday decide to plot a requiem against his own angels. Unlike other massacre games which just provides creative ways to kill people and watch them die a painful death, the angels, UFOs, and satans actually make this game challenging. Graphics could use some work, but interesting apocalyptic flash nonetheless.

It may be addictive, and you don't get to kill people realife. But graphics could be better, and the game could be frustratingly hard sometimes. Well deserved 7/10.