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Falling Boxes

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Author Comments

Falling Boxes is a abstract game. It has simple graphics and simple controls, but it's fun to play.

Use the mouse to control the blue circle.
Try to catch all of the red boxes.
Every box you catch gives you one point.
Every box you miss will cost you ten points.
Try to get a highscore!

I hope you enjoy the game.


NOTE: If you want your highscore to appear on the leaderboard, click the "Submit Highscore" button.

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if i could i would rate this 1337/10 but i can't

L33T Game

The game was fun and sound was awesome.

Great game and awesome music!

The game is really fun of playing, and the song fits the game really well. It's simple, but great.
And Hard, too!


Often times I found myself looming around the 55-60 mark because when I miss one, I'd overcompensate, and start missing others. I found that I had greater manueverability with the stylus to my tablet as opposed to a mouse, and it was STILL challenging.

Really simple, clean game with a clear goal. I like how it saves your high score, for the highest you ever reached in that play-through, so when you lagged back to 20, and you just give up to say "fuckit" you can still submit the highest you've ever gone. I'm amazed some Swedish kid got to the 2,000s when the highest I could possibly go was 120-133.

You zone out in this game, because if you were to concentrate too hard, you'll start missing. I found myself dazed, as my hand and the stylus just kept with the fall pattern, which oddly enough, seemed to go with the music very well.

I also appreciate that when you miss a box, you get that little "choom" sound effect. It's helpful, because the player can just keep their eyes on the screen and acknowledge that they missed one, and try to fix whatever they did wrong that caused that miss.

The only thing I would fix is if you had reached a high score, missed a couple and are trying to catch up, if your score succeeds in passing your high score, I think it would be cool if the high score number changed color and faded each time it was added. Nothing distracting, but a subtle change in color so the player can acknowledge they're reaching new heights in their peripheral vision, and still concentrate on the game.

Moreover, I would try to collaborate with the guy that made this track into doing a soundtrack. What I mean by that is this...

...Backing up just a little bit before I get to my main point, I love that the box launcher is merciful enough to base it's rate of speed on the player's current score. That was a great call. Now, what I mean is, say you're at score "0-50" You could get Nighthawk22 to do a track that's at the pace of the box launcher...ominous, same-style as "Hyperdestructive" but slower. Then "50-100" seamlessly fades into a track that's a little faster. "100-150" is a track that's REALLY intense, and "150+" is epic as hell. All of which seamlessly lock into one another, so when you plummit through missing box after box, it isn't an awkward transition from "EPIC OMG YOU'RE AT 200!" to "Start over, bitch. Bahahahaa"

Not only will this psychologically get the player more engaged at the game, but they would rarely have to even take their eyes off the stage, because they can listen to where they're at, and they can see in their peripheral vision if they've breached their high score yet.

Moreover, it couldn't hurt to have a subtle, non-distracting background other than flat black. You could also collaborate with an artist to change up the sphere, pyramid, and boxes...but it's totally up to you.

It's a great game, and I was addicted to it through my play. Keep up the good work!

Fun until 500

It was fun until you come to 500 and the blocks fall at the same spot... thats why I could get 2232... Anyone can beat the top score if you reach 500 :S

everdel responds:

You are right, I just checked this out.

Thank you for letting me know. This will be fixed in the next version.

Credits & Info

4.74 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2010
8:53 AM EST