Storm Truck

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Drive through the storm in your storm truck and collect the gold coins and silver coins as much as
you can. Also perform some back or front flips to gain more points. Try not to crash other wise you
will loose your health or you will end up destroying the truck. Try to reach the finish line before
the time runs out.


One star for hijacking my right-click menu and not giving me a graphics quality toggle, especially on a game like this that's so graphics-heavy having it at high quality makes the game lag horribly. That's ludicrous and annoying--and it needs to stop. Leave my right-click menu alone.


im sorry but this game was bad. there are to many games like this out so it also seems old. and i ran intto a couple of problems in the game. when i crashed it took over 1 minute to restart.

A bit buggy

Good premise, but there are a bunch of bugs you might want to work out, starting with the lag. Also, the car flipped over for no reason and there was no way to get it back up again before the health bar ran out.


Fun and good-looking game, good job! Seemed like it was running a little too show (performance issues), but maybe that's just me?

Its ok

It's an ok game, though the idea is taken from old versions and used over and over again. Basically, there are no new interesting things added to the old idea of driving a monster truck on a rough landscape. Everytime I play such a game I feel bored after two or three runs. It is about time that this game gets some new refreshment for which you honestly can take credit.
First some tips for the game itself:

-The music is too repetitive, try some extra songs.
-The timer is suggesting seconds, but goes extremely slow.
-The game lacks in giving a thrill for a fast, acrobatic ride, as the car is extremely slow.
-Nitro is useless, hardly gives any speed.

Try adding some of the following:
-Players should be able to actually use the coins for eg upgrades (eg bigger tires, more engine power), specials (eg launch control, no damage) etc. What's the use in collecting them for score, that's boring.
-Make tricks worth doing. When I did my 4times backflip, it just showed a disappointing "flip"...give me creds and money!
-Give differences between provided cars, just the color is rather useless.
-Terrain editor?
-Think of something to add some replay value.

Good luck!

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3.11 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2010
6:11 AM EST
Sports - Racing