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Splinter Mouse Gear Solid

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Try to nick cheese from the restaurant kitchen and bring it home! Just don't get caught. Chefs are everywhere and will catch you if you stay in their sight. Bring cheeses back to home. Watch out for mousetraps. Sabotage items in the kitchen by clicking on them - makes a good distraction.

This game was made as part of Global Game Jam 2010. It was made in 48 hours. All sounds are homemade. There are no numbers or letters in the game. (Except highscores)

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Why do I die for getting looked at?:P
Nice little game, entertaining, good job.

This Is Just...

You die for getting looked at? WTF this isn't mouse Vs. Medusa....

well done...

.. considering you only spend 48 hours.

Where did you attend the game jam? I was part of the Nordic game jam, in Denmark. lt was a great (but geeky) weekend, and I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately our game cam out extremely buggy, so I will not dare uploading it.

My team also went for the universal language thingy, but we did not work it out as well as you have done. So out game made no sense to anyone! :-P

You should make a sequel

The other raters were a little bit harsh in my opinion, but I think the game was pretty fun to try a couple times. I'd recommend either fixing the issues they pointed out or making another level without those issues.

Keep up the good work! You'll only get better in time!


Not so hot.

Your scorring seems off..

1. I got some cheese and got it back (and then died) and my score was only 1, had played and did nothing but die and I scored 2.

2. There is no indication of the chef's line of site they can be nowhere near you and you end up dying.

3. The one indicator that you have been seen blocks the edges of the screen, just where your happy mouse butt is trying to get to.

4. The "distraction" didn't do anything, in fact got me killed because I "thought" the only cheff in visible range was distracted by it.

5. As Another had said "you die from getting looked at" that doesn't make sense they should have to step on you or something.

I suppose it could have been fun, but from what I have seen the game has fundamental flaws that make it no fun. 2 for effort.

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2010
12:01 PM EST