EclipseOS 1.5

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Author Comments

This is the newest version of EclipseOS, it has improved graphics and various features done by Izzy712, and the coding done by me. Please enjoy and rate accordingly!

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That wasn't very exciting to see.

A lot better than the last one

The main reason I enjoyed this was probably because of the Alice in Chains nad the System of a down, but this version was a lot better than the last one.
The coding is alright, but some things are needed, like...
The ability to move windows
The ability to minimize windows

Some of the graphics also interfere with the text and rapes my eyes though. I can tell that a lot of effort looks like it was put into this, but if you address those key problems this could be a lot better.
I'm not sure how hard it is to use code, as I've never done it before, but if you ever need some help in the art department, just pass me a PM.


Eclipse responds:

We were working on moving/minimizing windows, moving windows actually involves a ton of scripting because the windows have to be moved dynamically, instead of being moved to a predetermined location. Minimizing is easy enough, in our .fla files that is almost done but we're working on other features at the same time as well. It would be great to have another person working in the art department, if we need help me or Izzy will send you a PM.

Some of the art does need work, the color of the fonts and the art behind it does interfere and we are working on that, we may release a 2.5 edition with a couple small features and art fixes, then again going all out and releasing a completely new 3.0 version would be awesome, so I dunno. You and the rest of NG will be seeing the new features eventually though, no matter what.

Thanks for your review!

Pretty good simulation.

This simulation had some errors and was missing things I would qualify as necessary in these computer simulations, such as more program files and a better internet model, but I thought some of the things in this were clever. You were the first person I saw who adapted the recycle bin in a funny way, so good job on that. I also liked the music documents, I was playing Gimme Shelter the whole time, but I thought it could use some more sounds that are relevant to computers, like a logging on sound, file could not be found, etc.

Most of the animating was good, your like flash you inserted was entertaining too, with a few more additions I think it could be submitted to this site as a single submission. The control panel was somewhat disappointing since nothing was clickable, but I suppose it is wishful thinking or something we can look forward to next edition. Anyway, keep up the good work guys, this was a neat simulation.

Eclipse responds:

Thanks man,we both appreciate the review. We could never really get the internet to work, we were planning on putting in a browser that actually functions but I can't figure it out, neither can Isaiah so I dunno. The control panel was a lot of wishful thinking as you said, most of the features that were grayed out will be added in a later version, along with a working browser or something similar. The lack of program files was actually laziness on my part, more of those will be added in the next version as well. The test flash I agree was good work on Isaiah's part, I'm not good in the art/animation area but he seemed to really pull that off for a test flash.

Thanks for the review!

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1.83 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2010
10:48 PM EST
Gadgets - Other