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Join our hero exactly where we left him - flying up to the tetromino factory in the sky. How will he fair inside the base of his past trials? Watch and find out.

Parker was kind enough to return and make yet another song for me. Be sure to check it out on the left! It is a remix of theme B, rather than A, this time.

Kobra Editing


Shorter than the other 2, but AWESOMER!

I forgive the shortness because that must've taken a long time to make, once again you have created an epic movie about a stickman trying to dodge Tetris Blocks, well done.

cobra0528 responds:

It's actually longer than the first two. Thanks!

Not what I expected ^_^ Still very good though!

I found this to be another fine addition to your TetrisD series.
I like what you did with that ending boss. It's movements were very interesting, especially before it began using missiles.

You certainly like your heavy weapons xD but is it really sound to fire missiles at something that is more or less... erm... on your head? xD

You used a few new animations (like the double wall jump, which was fast, and quite entertaining).

Now... time to unleash the inner critic. I feel bad doing this every time, but it helps keep my reviews true to my thoughts.
In other news, I hereby acknowledge that I cannot do better than you have per this series, and that therefore, I'm not an expert, just a viewer, in this category.

The Critic Says: Several of the scenes left something to be desired. The most notable for this was the movement on the floating floor pad, when the darts are chasing after your character. While the rest of it moves, and the darts approach the hero, I cannot help but note a general lack of action/movement in this scene 0.0

In addition, your character has... erm, in some ways, overused that frontflip O.O'
It's great in a key moment, but when he does it in such a way that it almost appears to be... a repeated motion...
well, it takes away from the variation aspect a bit.

That being said, that was one insane wall jump. that's the sorta variation that I believe could've perhaps... given a greater effect?

As per your boss fight, that was great, especially at it's beginning where it was trying to crush him. Those animations were borderlining (if not entirely) perfect in my opinion.

I almost regretted the use of missiles 0.0
Silently, I wondered, is such a weapon truly effective in this scenario?
Should it be firing at a tiny man on it's gynormous head?
Is it really a good idea to succeed in blowing your foe up, if you blow your own brains out in the process? xD

This is why I appreciated your first and second bots...
The first was physical atks.
The second was... somewhat still, while having many weapons that fired rapidly.
Both were anti personel :D

Then, we suddenly went straight to the uber missile 0.0
I suppose it does indeed redefine heavy defense...

Also, per the escape pods... I found myself unable to stop my hands from mentioning that robots that huge... well...
xD see my point?
Giant robot + escape pod + gravity = NOT SAFE D:
So, what would they have those for?
I suppose maybe people work there, but it's your series. :) Only you can answer that one xD

The rest, shall not be disputed, for it held my attention ^_^

Critic over and out.

In summary
About the pods... shouldn't have critiqued them. Everything needs to go somewhere :D and it was innovative of you to think that up.

The darts were different. Gave the impression of something that could certainly kill though 0.0. those were pointy.
In this way, it gave the impression of being in the enemies lair.

You show an extraordinary preference for gradually heavier and heavier weaponry xD
I'm giving a 10 for the effort that went into making some of this work. 0.0 your animations as per transforming, remain as nice as ever.

In other news...
...Sorry if this review sucks a bit more than my usual ones. I'm not well.

cobra0528 responds:

Wow. The longest review I have received yet, I believe. Don't feel bad about critiquing. It's appreciated and necessary. I agree with most of your points, but it just came down to the fact that there wasn't much else I could do. I needed the missiles to fire upwards so that they could hit the containment tanks in the back. As for his movements being repetitive, again....what can I do? I hope that the pods will make a little bit more sense after this week's release. Not much more, but it will at least give them purpose. This animation did definitely have a lot missing from it, that much is true. However it needed to be made, lest people go on throughout their lives wondering what happened to the stickman on the rocket arm. I'm glad you liked the animation. I certainly hope you'll review the one this week, as well. Thank you!

nice and good but

i liked the old tetris,d music better

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how can a series be so good. serious question, 10/5, 20/10. too good man.

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I have seen the others before, but this is way better!!!!! Rlly good job.

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Jan 30, 2010
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