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My city

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The city's baker implanted you with explosives and the only way to delay the explosion is to collect special coins. Each time you do a new ennemy with different pattern comes to the stage . Gaining a level add time to your counter. When you timer reach zero you explode. Oh yeah the green ones are really hard to avoid so I suggest you avoid the green coins...

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it looks good and the AI is pretty damned decent. But the problem is, it has too much happening at once. Personally, I hate that.

wow, i got top score

very fun game,
i got 23,898,044
it would b fun if
u could change the
background or something,
i liked it cause there were
plenty varieties of enemies,
and i liked the levels,
all in all, a fairly good game,
all im gonna say

good concept

it's just the powerups and enemies look too similar at times. I think you could make this a much better game by re-designing the look. Nice music! w00t!

Not too good...

The instructions are a bit hard to follow and after level 3 the gameplay gets to be like impossible. Oh ya, and the whole 1 like thing is really gay man you should change that.

Enjoyable...but -

I really enjoyed with one exception, and as already mentioned, the enemies and coins are too similar - maybe making the coins smaller would help?

grafik2d responds:

Well the coins are smaller, have a ring around them and doesn't move, but yeah they are still circles just as the ennemies.

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2010
5:23 PM EST