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Dark Inference

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Author Comments

This is my first Flash game, and there's no denying that it was inspired by one of my earlier 8 bit efforts, Shadowfire, released for the Speccy and C64 way back when.
As a labour of love, (it took ages to develop), it's not exactly an ideal Flash game - it takes too long to get into and won't be what everyone is looking for. But for those that persevere, get to know their team members and use the Save option, I promise it will be fun.

Mouse tips are available for all icons, and a short Tutorial is provided.
As game completion could take some time a Save and Load function is available.
The player can select any surviving team member at any time either to monitor their progress and/or issue a new order.

Issuing orders is simple.
First select a squad member by clicking on one of the character icons. (Top left)
To order your squad member to move, click on an adjacent location on the map screen. The speed at which they move is proportional to the characters Agility. (top bar)
Some doors are locked. The locks can be shot or picked, but key passes are best!
To pick up an object click and drag the icon from the 'floor', (bottom left), to the inventory area, (top central). Reverse this process to drop an object.
To select a different current weapon, drag the preferred weapon icon over the current weapon slot, (right of the bars).
To activate an item, Click and drag the activation button to the item you wish to activate.
Your squad will automatically return fire on all hostile characters.
Effectiveness is dependent on the power of the characters current weapon.
When a squad member's strength, (middle bar), falls too low the character will attempt to retreat. You can also order a retreat, (green icon), or forbid one, (red icon).
A character dies when their strength falls to zero. Any carried objects are then automatically dropped.
Once removed from combat, strength slowly recovers at a rate dependent on their stamina, (bottom bar).
Pause and Game Menu:
Activating the pause icon 'pauses' the game, and gives access to the Game Menu that holds the important Save, Load, and New Game functions.

If you've read this far...thanks and well done :-)

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Different and Welcome!

This game has style, for sure. I never played Shadowfire, but it does remind me of Shadowrun or SpyCraft in its gritty espionage tone. The lizard guy and the robot help, too. The character portraits are nicely evocative of the characters' archetypes. The rest of the game is kind of lacking visually, though. Maybe with a reduction in the size of the character portraits (or just put a glowing border around the currently selected character?), you could have more room for a detailed map, rather than the simple "map screen from Doom" look you have currently. It's not a big minus, but it would be cool to see the same visual style in the map as in everything else. I guess it's meant to be a schematic more than anything, though?

The sound design is simple, but evocative and appropriate. The music is un-intrusive, and while it repeats, it's not annoying. It reminds me of when the DM puts on something ambient to get players in the mood. Good job here. The sound effects could be a little more exciting, but it would get old just hearing "CannedGunShot.wav" for the entirety of combat, so maybe I'm wrong:).

Gameplay reminds me of boardgames, or of taking turns in tabletop RPG's. Individual movement for characters is great, when you want them to split up, but it would also be nice to have a group-move, so that empty hallways don't take forever. I didn't get too deep into the differences between characters abilities, but it might help to more clearly delineate this, unless the differences are just in the bars under the portrait, in which case, I suppose I could have paid better attention.

One more thing. The tutorial is helpful, but might be more so if it included gameplay. I found that once I got into the game, while I remembered some of what was said, I didn't remember everything. Playing through a simple scenario, while tips appear to direct the action, would really help. Tool-tips on buttons and simple labels on the bars and stuff might help here, too. I know your description says there are mouse tips, but I couldn't get them to pop up. Not sure if that's on my end or what.

Over all, great job! I hope we see more from you in the future!

Credits & Info

4.98 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2010
9:54 AM EST