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Fortress Guardian

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Author Comments

An unrelenting army of fierce Orcs is tormenting our people.The dark forces are seeking to gain control of this lands. But you will not give it to them! Defend your castle with differents wepaons.

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i don"t get why people hating 'bout this game. It's one of the best i've had to play round here.

Don't buy any weapons or arrows and the challenge stays. And plus it's more fun in my point of view.

Started Great...ended Boring

When I started playing this it was great. Liked the graphics and shooting Orcs and the defending the castle thing and the interaction of switching between bow and sword (yes, they got to the castle wall as I hadn't figured out how to play yet), earning points to buy upgraded weapons and even the music and the sound of pulling the bow string back. But like the other guy said...once you upgrade to level 20 the fun just goes downhill because the challenge is gone. The Orcs are no match for you anymore. And even if they do get to your wall, you can just knock the ladder off, you don't even have to hit the Orc. Life restoring is useless because you don't get hit anymore. Buying upgraded swords or bows is pointless because the swords just sit there, you don't need them. You can do all the killing with just Drowish Bow. Buying upgraded Arrows isn't any good either. The cheats say to use the Light arrows for more gold points but they are expensive, meaning it's not worth it. The amount of money you spend buying them is greater than the value of the extra gold they are supposed to earn. After level 20 upgrade, two shots from the level 1 arrow will kill any of the creatures. Finally, each wave just gets monotonous. The Orcs charge you at such a slow pace and spacing from each other that shooting them is really easy. One comes from the left, you just move your sight over...thwack...dead. Couple seconds later, one comes from the right...move your sight over...thwack..he's dead too. It got to the point that I could drink my coffee with my left hand and kill the Orcs with my right. And as near everyone has mentioned...each wave is way too long and repetitive. Sorry, man...the game has a lot of potential but needs a lot of work.

here are some cheats and hints.

1.if you want 1000+ gold, type gold in upgrade menu.
2.if you want more experience points. type exp in upgrade menu.
1.kill the orcs with the light arrows to get more gold than usally, in battle.
2.use the poisin arrows to kill the orcs if you miss the head, in battle.

Fantastic Game

Fantastic game; I enjoyed the mechanics a great deal. It's pleasant to look at, the music isn't bad, and the upgrades aren't either.

Repetitive, as has been said already. I think that is due to a few factors:

1) Wave length increases over time until they seem almost endless.
2) The frequency of enemy spawns doesn't seem to increase either.
3) No variety in enemies.

The repetition would be helped greatly by increasing the spawn rate, creating a few new enemies to mix things up, and make the wave times briefer.

I don't think increasing costs (through making things more expensive or adding weapon degradation) would add charm; just difficulty. Earning money in this game isn't hard, however.

Classes and races would be a fun addition. Perhaps adding an ability. I never got attacked so my sword and resistance stats were useless as it was, so adding mercenaries or minions wouldn't be appealing to myself, personally.

That all said, again, great game. I enjoyed the swift precision for the arrows very much. A bit easy, but satisfying.

Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2010
5:38 PM EST