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16c1 Defender

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Your goal is to destroy or push away the falling ice meteors. As you progress through the game you will gain points and unlock new abilities.

Sponsored by: Zethama

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Not bad

Nice style, but after a few levels I was nodding off; it really could use some more variation. You forgot to mention in the instructions that A/D move left and right, maybe some people will just assume that but I like things spelled out for me! Technically, the game seems fine, it just doesn't have enough to keep my interest for long

Simple, but sweet.

I myself would very much like to see more of these simplistic, arcade style of games on Newgrounds. They´re easy to get into, and provide lots of fun without long periods of loading time. This game is very enjoyable, with lots of time killing and highscore chasing potential.

Variation becomes an issue eventually, simply because there isn´t much to be had, but the Alien battles and Boss battles provide some decent change to the theme that would become very monotonous otherwise.

All in all, I think this game is very enjoyable game with many positive perks, and I recommend this for any and all arcade enthusiasts out there.

Not bad

Interesting, at the very least. Very old-school style. It did seem somewhat easy though. Well, it did to me, but I grew up on the old missile command games, so I suppose I'm a bit biased.
Perhaps a means of making it slightly more difficult. Say...making the primary beam weapon lose power the more you keep it going, and having it slowly recharge. The less power it has, the less it can push away the incoming ice (or whatever it is).
All in all, I think it's okay.


Pretty good, a little too easy, but still loads of fun to play

So Spaketh the Slaughterer

The game-play is simple, as are the graphics. I like the fact you didn't use a bunch of different colors and your instructions were clear and easy to understand. I like the overall concept. Good work.