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Avoid falling blocks and collect lives in this simple yet addicting avoider game!

You play a small green gradient circle and avoid high detailed "crusher" blocks and gather lives to survive and get the highest score. This game is very addicting and you will challenge yourself to get the highest score out of the entire world.

Thanks for playing my game.

Sorry if the preloader takes a second to pop up, i have no idea why it does that.

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Well the game was interesting, very basic.
a few things,
I didn't like the fact he health followed you.
Also I literally left my ball in the middle and I am still playing as I write this review.
The music has stopped, so the looping isn't good.
When the "crushers" fall they tend to glitch back up a few spots before coming back down.
The green ball isn't much of a character, maybe make a character , and a plot with some back story to give this some Umphhh.
Well I finally died and ended up being 3rd place on the leader wall.
3rd place for writing a review?
not to bad at all.

the1337gecko responds:

I am looking into the music glitch and i am going to add some animated characters to choose from, im going to put the "crushers" on a variable instead of the way i have it now.

The health follows you because flash was being weird when i entered another line of code to assign a random number to a global variable it said syntax error when i literally copied and pasted the code from a line i had already written.

well ok

its kinda buggy and not exactly as fun, addicting and challenging as you said it would be.....

Could use some improvement

The blocks were really jumpy at points, sometimes not ever making it to the ground without disappearing, and the speed of the ball was a tad quick until you got the hang of it. I had 20 lives when my score was 5k. In fact I haven't even looked at the game while I was typing this until now and I have actually gone up 6 lives. I don't think I could lose if I tried. music needs to loop as well or get a much longer song. Not a bad attempt.

gd game

i think u should add some difficulty lvls maybey choose your char other than a ball this is the type of thing i need to do for a college project same thing falling stuff but you gotta collect it
keep it up


Right now i have the top score i am "enter your name here" lol nice game