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Zelda: "Every RPG Ever."

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From the makers of "River City Ransom: REDUX" and "Fatality! Olskoo NES" comes:

"The Legend Of Zelda: Every RPG Ever Made."

This one is just a parady of RPGs in general. Tell me wat you think. I read all my reviews. Plus I finaly can make buttons now so u can scroll thru the dialouge at your own pace. YAY!!!


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This was disappointing. I'm pretty sure Link never actually spoke to anyone...like ever. The legend of Zelda Is NOT and RPG. I don't ever recall having the entire screen blacked over to show me an important item during dialog unless Link was being given the Item. And since when do shop keepers in Zelda do anything other than repeatedly ask you to buy something after shouting some random nonsensical noise that I'm positive is not a word. You should Try this with an actual RPG game and the jokes would make much more sense and wouldn't seem so out of context. On a positive note the animation wasn't absolutely terrible, but could use more fluidity. I'm sure you could make something more worthwhile with more effort on story and dialog. On a final note the buttons are useful for people who can't read impossibly fast but I noticed that some of the dialog boxes cut in mid sentence and that sort of takes away from the moment.