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Mystery Jigsaw

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Using the mouse, click-and-drag the puzzle pieces. Drag pieces until they click in the spot where they belong.

After solving a puzzle, you have to search for clues using the right-click on the mouse to do so. Click on the objects you think might be clues.

When you choose correctly, the clue will display on the right side of the screen. If you get stuck, look for a sparkling hint.

When you collect enough clues, you will be able to solve the case.

Review the clues and read each suspect's profile, then assign each clue to a suspect. It's possible that one or more clues won't fit any suspect. You can also assign one clue to more than one suspect.

When you think you know who did it, Click the "Solve" Tab on the bottom of the screen to see if you're right.

Preview Scene
Will give you a preview of the puzzle you are trying to solve.

Star Over
The puzzle will reset and shuffle the puzzle pieces around.

Show Edges
Only the edge pieces will be shown.

Show Middle
Only the middle pieces will be seen.

Drop Case
This will return you to the main menu. All Progress will be lost.

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Is Candystand just copying all of pogo's games now?

Granted this isnt exactly the same as the one from pogo, but the poppit type game was identical pretty much.


Interesting concept.

However, the execution of the concept was very flawed. Indeed, the puzzle mechanics didn't work for me at all, when I got to the opening of an area where I would go to a puzzle the screen stayed black, and the only way I could get past this was by right clicking the screen and telling it to play. Even after doing this, I was still unable to do the puzzle as none of the peices showed up. By the time I got to the point of solving the case (by right clicking play) I had grown utterly frustrated and tired of the game, and I no longer cared.

Concept 10/10

Graphics 7/10

Sound 2/10

Mechanics 0/10

Playability 0/10

Candystand responds:

Hey - so sorry, looks like the wrong version got uploaded. New build should have the 'Hard mode' bug fixed!

D; F+; B; B-; B

None of the clues seem to incriminate the vairous suspects. Having a box of old shoe laces doesn't mean that you drop one in the basement. Why would there be a diamond laying around at a crime scene? Who would drop their pear necklace and just forget about it? Why do I go looking for clues in rooms unrelated to the crime scene? Shouldn't I find motive and means before accusing someone based on circumstanial evidence? I could go on and on, but I won't. I will, however give story a D.

I found most objects to be obscure and tiny. How am I supposed to find a shoelace in a messy room; or a ring in a garage?? Many objects that the game says are out of place seem to make sense where they are. Theres a bottle of wine in a room with a wine rack. That's completely normal! The overolls are balled up and way in the corner of the screen, and, once again, seem to fit the setting perfectly. Another annoyance is the pop up that appears at the start of a puzzle each time. I understand it appearing for the first time on the first level, but you needn't remind us how to do a puzzle EVERY time. For these and other reasons, playability gets a B-.

Right click while doing a puzzle and click play, puzzle is skipped. That kind of bug could just be an oversight, but the main problem is that hard mode does not load. There is NO excuse for this other than a COMPLETE lack of testing. For this major flaw, I give testing & bugs an F+.

Music was one song but it wasn't too bad of one. Just an easing melody. There's a mute button if it gets too annoying though, or you just don't want to hear it. Other than the mute button there are no other options, but that's O-K because there aren't many effects either. As far as sounds go: B.

The game seems to have some potential, it's not just another puzzle game and it's not just find the items. Not too special, but enough for innovation to get a B.

Story: D
Testing & Bugs: F+
Sounds: B
Playability: B-
Innovation: B
Misc: N/A

Candystand responds:

Hey - so sorry, looks like the wrong version got uploaded. New build should have the 'Hard mode' bug fixed!


You can so tell thats Harry Potter and Hermoine >:3


interesting game, however under the hard mode none of the puzzles would load, but the easy ones loaded fine...
and you need to find a way to disable that 'play' option in the right click menu otherwise the puzzles can be skipped

Candystand responds:

Hey - so sorry, looks like the wrong version got uploaded. New build should have the 'Hard mode' bug fixed!

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2010
5:26 PM EST