Lines and Sines

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This is an old game I tossed together a few years ago, spit shined up for submission.

It's pretty simple, but hopefully enjoyable.

The whole thing is about 7k, so mind the lack of preloader.

I've gotten several requests for music. I don't want to add several hundred kb of music to a 7kb game, but I will link to this song:
http://soundcloud.com/dfa st/schematics-behind-the-
(see the audio credits for a working link)

Other than that, I've gotten some really nice suggestions that I will probably never get around to implementing. (i.e., a life system, and I'm not sure how I overlooked a pause button...)
Thanks for the feedback. :)

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Definitly should add music

Some audio and one of your music tracks would greatly improve this game.

Plus your link isn't working. How's come?

sg-06 responds:

The link isn't working because Newgrounds added a space in between "dfa" and "st/", which breaks the link.
You'll just have to click the "Additional Audio" link. :)


Opening statements:

The game was fun and had a good concept, but it just isn't good enough. You are missing a lot of stuff and have a long way to go before you are even considered decent at making games.


You are missing...

~A preloader

~A pause button

~A pause menu

~An achievement/ goal list

~An opening menu

~An extras menu

~A mode select

~A plot


~sound affects

~Changes of scenery

~Variation of many lines (however there is SOME variation).




~Multiplayer possibility

~High scores


You have:

~A basic game

~A basic instructions menu


~It's glitches in a way that allows me to go over some lines.

~It isn't challenging.

~It isn't too creative or new.

Concluding statements:

Add these and you will have a decent game.

sg-06 responds:

You had some good points in here, and some things I'm surprised I missed.

Some of your suggestions would ruin the simplicity of the game (checkpoints, achievements, multiple modes).

Still, I have to say thanks for giving a good list and not just stopping at "fail; here's a 2." :)

I liked it

For being a very basic game it was great.

A bit pointless.

The game was made well, everything worked fine and the orange went well with the blue. However it wasn't really fun, the lack of storyline made it boring and it was very repetitive. Some music would improve it a bit.

I suggest making a game with a storyline next time.

Pretty good for a start

you could try adding some music also its very easy to beat the game by just going in to a corner

sg-06 responds:

It's possible to stand still and not get hit for up to 50 seconds, whether you're in the corner or in the middle of the screen. This is countered by adding more lines over time, as well as creating very large lines.
Now, if you were able to avoid /ALL/ contact with lines by going in a corner, I'd like to hear more about it.

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2010
3:32 PM EST
Skill - Avoid