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In a land with out color (kinda) Gibber its bringing the world joy. Control Gibber as he heroically embarks on an adventure to restore all that is amazing. This epic tale involves dodging blocks and collecting coins. With many character options you will never get board whilst playing Gibber. Control Gibber via the arrow keys. Collect coins and dodge blocks. Most importantly rainbows are super pwnage.

Coded by: AwesomeAR
art by: DogBomb
featuring: Rainbow Gibber


Nah man...

It really gets old after the first coin.

Not only is it impossible after 32, but there isn't anything new brought into play to make it more interesting as time wears on.

At the least put a cap on speed increase. Or, after a certain amount of coins collected, let the character upgrade the speed HIMSELF, so he only does what the player wants it to.

I'd suggest about 5000 more upgrades, to make up for the -4999 things to pick up.

Also, add more enemies as time goes on! Make them come from the side maybe. Make some push the player but not break!


I've seen this game at least 27 times in the portal, make something new... Atleast a new twist.

I know who you are. Where you live. I've taught you. Use it. NAOW!!!

BTW, don't comment on this post. I'm watching you 0.0...


It would be better if Gibber follows the mouse slowly (AS2) :
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
myRadians = Math.atan2(_root._ymouse-this._y, _root._xmouse-this._x);
myDegrees = Math.round((myRadians*0/Math.PI));
_root.yChange = Math.round(_root._ymouse-this._y);
_root.xChange = Math.round(_root._xmouse-this._x);
_root.yMove = Math.round(_root.yChange/20);
_root.xMove = Math.round(_root.xChange/20);
this._y += _root.yMove;
this._x += _root.xMove;
this._rotation = myDegrees+90;

AwesomeAR responds:

cool idea maybe ill incorporate that in the next game

Only 20!

I can only eat 20 squares!

AwesomeAR responds:

you collect the coins dodge the squares. lol


This game can become very heart racing lol. :D

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Well..it is entetaining for about one minute,after which gently pushing an arrow key makes Gibber run across the field twice or so,crushing about twelve blocks on his way.

The character really shouldn't speed up that fast,additionally,some powerups would be nice.

AwesomeAR responds:

Thank you

i was trying to find a good way to make it stay at one speed after a while ill try again.

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1.94 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2010
2:32 AM EST
Skill - Avoid