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Puppet Wars

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In the far future combat is settled with remote-controlled sword-wielding puppets. Step into the ring with Puppet Wars as you upgrade your swords and your puppet torso to take on the ultimate three bosses in a (virtually) bloody battle to the finish!


Left and Right Arrow Keys (Spin)
A and D (Spin)
Mouse (Move)

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I like how you hear screaming and moaning girls in the background. LOL!


This is one of the most simply fun and addicting games I've played in quite a while. Very good job. Please make a sequel if possible.

Another favorite for my favorites list

This game made me remember one movie:
Gangs of New York
And one big game:

If you play and like this game you may want to get to know these two!
The music with the girl having an orgasm is simply... Adequate ;)

To put it even simpler: it's F**King Brilliant! The characters evolution is so simple yet so perfect that made me play again and again and again. I'm trying to beat the Butcher in Hard... I'll get it eventually xD

GFs ;)


you need to make another one.

Alternate Controls

Its really hard to play right handed on a laptop or for a lefty in general so A and D should dub as arrow keys too. With that said I thought the game was tight. It could use some extra moves here and there. But I didn't find it that easy especially with difficulty setting. The music is fitting and cool. With alternate controls definitely a 10.