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Author Comments

RKF, or Rhythmic Kicking Firehead, is a shooter mixed with a rhythm game. You don't actually have to do anything in time with anything - the game automatically fires for you, and its firing sets off drum sounds. An ever-increasingly intense wall of enemies comes towards you, which you must shoot to eradicate

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Simply awesome

I really love the simple concept of the game and the addicting it is.
Excellent job!


I think this is a terrific little game. It's fun and not as easy as it looks. The graphics are dead simple... which is perfect for this type of game. Great work.

Pretty fun, but easy

It's a pretty fun, quirky little game, although I'd hesitate to call it a "rhythm" game. Aside from your weapons sounding like instruments, there's really not much of a rhythm to it. I think maybe some background music for the instruments to go along with would have helped. There's not much challenge involved either, you really just have to move the mouse back and forth and the game does the rest of the work for you. Not bad, but probably not something I'd come back to play again.

Great Concept

This is really pretty darn fun. At first it seems pretty slow, but once you start getting into it and buying upgrades it starts to get intense, and the drum beat gets pretty catch too. Only criticism here is once you get all the upgrades there doesn't seem to be anything left to do. The artwork's simplistic, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Overall I like it.

Not bad at all, but is not really a rhythm game

The graphics are simple, but given the stylized nature of the game, simple graphics may be a better choice over more complex ones.

The way you mixed rhythm into the gameplay is interesting; however, I don't feel that it justifies calling the game a "rhythm game hybrid", since in rhythm games one normally expects to be able to do something to affect the rhythm. Here, on the other hand, considering that the player can't do anything to affect the shooting, the rhythm part of the game is essentially played as an automatic background track, which isn't any different from other games' use of background music.

One way to emphasize the rhythm part of the game may be to give the player more control over the shooting part; for example, instead of having the shooting be automatic, maybe give the player control over when to shoot. Shots fired in different directions or to different areas of the screen could give different sounds; sounds could also be played when the shots impact the enemies, and once again these could be distinct for each type of enemy. Players could also be given special powers that, upon activation, play more complex segments of sound. Overall, there should be many ways to improve the rhythm part of the game to make it a true rhythm hybrid.

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2010
10:12 PM EST