Green Thumb Greg

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There seems to be a problem with the preloader. Just give it a minute and it'll load up. I have also fixed the problems with the mower upgrades and the weekly counter.

Greg is like any other boy his age, he wants everything he sees on TV and has no money to spend. This is until his mom gives him the idea to mow his neighbors' lawns for cash. Now Greg is mowing his way through town, unlocking new houses and buying upgrades along the way!

We tried to come up with a unique game inspired by some of our favorites from the past. The voices are hilarious and mostly nonsense. The opening song alone is worth a listen, it was actually sung to a friend of ours named Greg when he would mow the lawn.

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Can we all just stop to appreciate the humor and original music?

This game really grew on me, but Greg came along and changed all that.

Would run away from bees again, prolly throw a few bucks at it on steam if it had more content.


No. Seriously. Why don't this game have a pause function?? >=/

Herger responds:

Not a bad idea donramires, i'll have to look into that!

Greg Rocks!

I hate mowing lawns, but this one was fun! The graphics are really well done and I love the little touches - the lottery, the little skunk, and of course - the BEES!

Blown Away

The makers of this game are pure genius. I wish i was a girl so i could have their babies.

Herger responds:

Wow! I should put that review on the title screen :)

No matter how you look at it

Mowing the lawn is not fun. I rather be selling lemonade. Just an average game, even that is stretching it.

Herger responds:

If yer not having fun mowing lawns..you can win money with lottery tickets and buy toys for your room.
If you get to the soccer field, you can just try to score goals (its like soccer pong) and make money that way.

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3.74 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2010
8:50 PM EST
Simulation - Job