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Virus Cure

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My game icon of the doctor's face is the guy that created the vaccine his name is Simon. I wanted to put him in the game when I was writing up the design but he never made it in because I wanted the player to control the vaccine and not a person. After I finished the basics of the game I didn't have room for him so I just put him on the game icon and would give a little background about him. Also yes I have been working on this game since the last submission to Newgrounds I felt this game was not complete enough yet and wanted to tweek it a little more. Hope everyone enjoys the game. go front page!!!! *crosses fingers*

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Whoa! The swine flu!

Awesome! At some viruses I even thought "Eew. I really don't want to see THAT one grow..." but it was fun. Even though I think it's too short, as DarthJin mentioned. Maybe add some more harmless to get started? For example, why not heavy coughing? Then I'm sure *HA- TSCHIW!* I'll get 'cured' too... *COUGH COUGH* ...Man... *WHEEZE!!*

Not bad.. Could be longer.

Not to bad for a game.. but I kept running into the problem of knocking the enemies into the virus itself. Maybe it was just my higher mouse sensitivity, but it was just a bit harder to control the orb at higher speed levels. (Resulting in more enemy knock-ins)

The game felt rather short.. Didn't even feel like I had enough time to test all the power-ups. I guess people could play through it again, but once I'd beaten the game it didn't have the replay kinda feel.


I wish everytime I was sick it was at least half as fun as this. Good work !