TD Invasion

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Hay all, long time no see!

//NOTIS// im so sorry fore this. I dont know waths wrong, but fore some reason i cant see the eneamy spawning any units, pleas tell me if you have the same problem, it works fine on my pc when i just run the fla, but not online here on newGrounds.

Now, this is my first ever attemt at a TD game. i have had the idea fore this game fore a wery long time. but also i have had no time at all to do this.
Now this is but a Beta and there fore:
-most grapich will be changed.
-music and sound wil be added.
-lots and lots of difrent uinits and towers will be added (Shoting uinits included ;) )
-Intro vidio vill be more stylized and with pictures.
-Levels and (mabye) a Senario ;)
-The full map of Koroial will be your play ground (Koroial is the world in wich the game takes place)
-Power ups fore waves will also be included.

Now, if you have any sugestions, idears, coments or wana partisipate in this projekt, please let me know, ill as much as posible return with an answer ASP.

Yours ZleapingBear.

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I don't see any enemy units either, but what I had more trouble with was that I don't see myself making any progress - there doesn't seem to be any indication of mine or the enemy's health (unless that red number 50 means something?) and my units just disappear when they reach the enemy castle.

Also, the units I can buy have no description of their purpose, the only difference I can see besides the cost is one point of health? And there is no indication of how to scroll around the battle map, I only discovered by accident that you have to move the cursor to the edges of the screen.

Sorry to be critical, but I don't think this game is developed far enough to be called a beta yet. With more work it might be pretty good but there is no motivation for me to play as it currently stands.

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4.40 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2010
12:31 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense