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Political Spectrum Test

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Author Comments

Left, right, up down or in the middle? Where are you in the political spectrum? Answer truthfully to the questions on this test and see where you are in the political spectrum.

Based on advanced algorithms that calculates and puts your views into the polical spectrum, tell your friends and see if you are compatible!

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What makes you think you have the right to call us democrats "filthy liberals, child killers, commies, tree-huggers or any of those derogatory terms. I am an atheist, and I am proud of it, but I don't hate people. Just because I support women having the choice to have an abortion in most circumstances does not make me a "child killer". In no way is democracy even related to communism, so it baffles me how stupid and bold you must be to make such a statement. While I do not consider communism or socialism the ideal way of running a nation, I do find that communism works (kind of) and that socialism also gets by as a method of running a nation. This does not make me a "commie" or a "socialist" or a "nazi". Did you know that the nazi party was actually heavily opposed against both socialism and communism. And while I will not say that global warming is an absolute truth that cannot be disproved or discredited in any way, I will say the there is an abundance of scientific evidence that supports the conclusion that human activity is indeed causing climate change and global warming. Does this make me "tree-hugger"? No, it certainly does not. If you want to make a legitimate argument against these things, then by jove why don't you educate yourself about them first! Read up on politics, economics, history, and science like I do every now and then, and then you may be able to make a remotely legitimate argument. One last thing. You stated that are, and I quote "everything that is wrong with America". Nothing could be farther than the truth. It is closed minded people like you who plague our society. Educate yourself, see the world. Develop and educated opinion. I know not many of you will read this, but to those who do, thank you for taking the time. - The 12 year old internet avenger

have you read any of the things jesus SAID? Read it man. Jesus was a socialist. He wanted to redistribute wealth in churches, aided the poor at the cost of the rich, and gave out free healthcare (haha).

This describes the American politics perfectly.

a little onesided

not much there, and a little wrong. Hitler was a fascist, as was moussilini. that is as far right wing as you can go. also, anybody who has read the bible knows that jesus was a hippie of sorts. he was for peace, love, and equality; that sounds like a liberal to me. if you add more questions, and give better/correct examples, this game will earn more stars.


Yeah, I saw this coming. Both of the results were pretty predictable. Nice try, though.

By the way, Hitler was the FARTHEST thing from a liberal.