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Machiavelli Dictator Quiz

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Take this 10 question quiz and find out if you have the ruthless skills needed to dictate like the great Machiavelli. You can read the "About Machiavelli" section to get a quick background on this notoriously known writer of the 16th century.

Remember to answer the questions according to Machiavellian principles.

Some of the answers may seem odd to you, however they completely adhere to the principles taught by Machiavelli

Have Fun.

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A good quiz with a helpful "about Machiavelli" section, giving guidance on the kind on answers you should pick. I knew nothing of Machiavelli to begin with (or his principles). I feel I may have learned something! Could be better if there were more questions and a way to mute the loud music!!


and some or most of these things you can find in the american goverment you just have to open your eyes and look the goverment is not out to protect you the terror threat is exsaderated or false by useing the fear of the terrorist boogyman you are more willing to give your freedoms away for the sake of fals safety


In the final script, you forgot to add spaces around the score, so it said something like "You got a score of6out of 10." fix that, and other small errors, and make the music loop smoother. It sort of stops then starts again.
Hope that helped.

Cool idea

I like the idea especially since I'm doing a research paper on Niccol├│ Machiavelli that's due tomorrow, but some of these answers are incorrect. I have reason to believe that numbers 4, 7, and 8 are not correct.

shish101 responds:

Hey Zacchaeus,
i have done much research on Maciavelli too, and in fact I have read the whole book,The Prince,,
i have looked at numbers 4,7,8, and they are definitely the best answers...
If you have the book, the prince, on you, take a look at these pages and they explain word per word... Take a look if u get the chance....

For Number 4 -- page 86 "...A prince...must not object to being called miserly..."
For number 7-- page 108 - he explains it word per word
For Number 8-- page 111,112-- he clearly says, dont remain neutral...