Rhythm of Arabia

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After playing many rhythm games I thought ... why not having a rhythm game with arabic songs so I did this game.

I did my best to sync the game with the songs, but couldn't test it on slow PCs,Macs so if the game loses sync with the song tell me about it!


update 1:
Added easy difficulties
fixed some notes
now you can also use [A] [S] as [Z] [X]
added a practice song that has multiple hard patterns so you can get used to them.

update 2:
Added settings menu so users with slower machines can lower quality and disable effects, so the game wont lose sync with the song...

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I play DDR all the time on heavy, and it seems like your not really going to the beat, but with the off beats, which is okay, but to have all of them going that way is kinda boring. I also think it should be harder.

Belly dancing is for girls...

So the guys can sit back and apreciate the show!
You know I had to browse through all you submissions after trying Project Flame, and I was quite delighted to find this Arabian Dance Dance Revolution clone. This is a hint so you could put an animated Arabian belly-dancer in a next version ;-) Maybe not, we might get distracted and get low scores...

I don't know if it's me that suck at these kind of games or the game is slightly "desynced" (several tenths of a second), even in low settings? After a while I stopped paying attention to the rhythm and found myself following the visual aids instead. Even submited a couple of scores, eheh.
All in all a modest effort, with simple visuals and beautiful songs. Oh, and to the person three reviews below, why are you complaining about Arabic music in a game called "Rhythm of Arabia"? That's not very logical, is it? :-/

PS: You could have made a free listening mode so we could just listen to the songs without concerning with the buttons! Wen a Ramalla, wen a Ramalla... :-D

Snakex86 responds:

lol thanks for taking time and checking my other games, and yeah the belly dancer would be awesome in case the animator who worked on flame would agree to animate one!

and yeah, about the syncing it used to be perfect before, but might be a flash player update that changed it ... or something else ...
the free listening is an awesome idea!


Awesome game

Awesome game. I love it.

but in general the game is fantastic :)

Good job,

Snakex86 responds:

thanks, towfieee
and good job taking the first place in all songs ;)

Nicely done.

The arabian music was a really interesting choice for this. You also did a nice job syncing the game with the music.
There's just one little pet peeve: Please try to avoid using the "z" key, since in some european countries, the position of the "z" and "y" is exchanged when compared to the american layout, which makes for some rather awkward playing.

Snakex86 responds:

ok then I'll change it to [A] [S]


cool but u should have make the song English

Not all people(like me) like araibian songs

Snakex86 responds:

I tried to select arabic songs with a western touch for that matter!
I also thought about putting some newgrounds songs, but there's already tons of good games having NG music, and if I put comiricial english songs, I will be facing copyrights problems which is not a problem when it comes to arabic songs.

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4.68 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2010
3:56 AM EST