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All ad revenue will go to the charity CARE, who is helping the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

I made this so that I could help those in need. Even if it raises $1 it is one dollar more to help innocent people. Please feel free to grab the .swf file and host this on your site or blog. Help spread hope and donate what you can.

* if you push play and get a blank screen then please just reload the movie. I am working on the issue *

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yes theirs a high chance it will happen again but

its always nice to help......selfish bastards

It happened on my birthday

It was a celebration,But when I found out about it I was sorry for them.


I wish to help Haiti. My life depends on how much I try.

Even if we help them, the catastrophe will repeat

The earthquake's effect as been enhenced by low-quality constructions and poor quality of the concrete roads, not to mention that during a quake, the chance of being killed by the quake itself are near to zero, what kills peoples most is the falling buildings caused by the quake. They even had a minimum construction quality to respect in order to reduce effects of the earthquake and they had the means to respect the minimum quality necesary, but they didn't made it has they should.

As a result the effects of the quake where dramaticly enhenced and that's the main reason why the quake did so much damage. And now with all the financial support they got, they could build it in a safe way, but no, they build it the exact same way it was before, so at the next quake, the same disaster will without a doubt repeat itself.

Think I'm wrong? Well think about this: San Francisco, the well known hometown of the golden gate, is almost as dangerous as Haïti when its about quakes, however, emergency procedures, preparations regarding the quakes and parasismic structures alowed to reduce the effects of the quakes. As an exemple, in 1989, San Francisco was victim of a 6,9 quake (almost as high as Haïti's quake), but all the precedures regarding the quakes alowed to reduce the amount of victims to 75, wich is pretty low if you consider San Francisco's high population. Haïti had the means to do the same preparations for the quakes, but they didn't did it, and now see what happened to them.

So instead of donating, try to make them understrand that if they wan't to stop things like that to happen, they had to do what they have to do for it, and they have the means to. And if they don't do it, then all the donations will be wasted cuz the same disaster will happen again, again and again.

Before you donate

Let us first have a little discussion, hum? First off while attending college I HAD to do a project to help Haiti as a class project. During the course of the project I came across a few intresting things about the Haitian people.
1. It is common practice in Haiti for one to take, in laymans terms, a crap in public on the ground then continue on with his desired task... certainly not a job for instance.
2. As someone who has ACTUALLY BEEN TO HAITI I can say that the earthquack was a major improvement to both the land they are raping of resources put to shameless uses and the people of whom are doing it.
3. Is it not even slightly intresting how a country of whom has had both physical and economical support since the dawn of time, has in no way shape or form made any sort of advancement as a productive society?... Just a little food for though for ya.
4. This is where it gets intresting. Through studies I have came across an intresting bit of information. Did you know there is a fifty/fifty chance that a structure we/missonaries prvide will be overtaken by local drug lords. going on the chance that THEY don't get to it, there is another fifty/fifty chance that it will be used to house religious practices such as thier widly known practice of voodoo. Even if THEY don't get to it in time, the poor structure faces yet another fifty/fifty chance of being torn down by the people for scrapes to be either sold or be used for shanty homes.
5. I find it pretty humorous that everbody is an expert when it comes to the Haitian people and their time of need however nobody has the slightest clueabout the missionaries who have been found dead... Anybody got a number, I'll let you find out, it's quite intresting. I was pretty amazed how many tourest and missonaries have turned up dead while they werwe there to help.

Due to the fact that I am running out of space and paitience I will finish here. So as not to be biased I will also write a few reasons why Haiti should be helped.

1. They are people... Of whom will not help themselves
2. They are a country of rich culture... Lie
3. They provide many important resources to the world... Another lie
4. They are very greatful for our help... Omega Lie


Honestly it is important to remember that in the United States history there has been many "we help them they talk sh!t on us later" moments such as the national launguage of France is not German... (Thank You United States) Go see now how much that arrogant culture respects the United States. Let's not make that mistake again people. If our country continues to run an help ever needy country we as a nation are doomed to play nanny until our invetible destruction.

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