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*What Have I Done? *

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I finally finished it! After 3 days of work, I am finally calling this song done!

I won't lie... I am absolutely in love with this song. This is the first song I am truly happy with that I created on my own. And I've been screwin around with music creation since around 1999. So, I hope everyone who listens to this enjoys it as much as I do.

There is no real story to the song, just a sort of theme. The theme is of course regret. The way I built it has a timeline that goes Present, to Past and then back to Present again. With any luck, people will be able to hear the timeline within the song itself.

I'm also interested in hearing the scenarios that people think of when they hear this song. My partner Josh (kelwynshade) thought up the scenario of a king that had just lost a war and was staring down at his destroyed city with it's dying or dead inhabitants lying in the streets. To me, things like that give the song more character and make it that much more enjoyable, so feel free to post what you see when you hear this!

I've talked enough, so lastly I just want to thank Josh for helping me find some good percussion to throw into the song, it really made a difference, and thanks to my friends that put up with me nagging them for their thoughts on the song in general, lol.

Also... if you like this song... go check out Josh's (kelwynshade) song Path of Memories. It was a big influence for me when I made this.

And I'm out!


EDIT: holy crap! best of the week?! wow, there's an honor i never expected to get, lol. Well thanks to everyone again who pushed me to actually finish a song, and thanks to everyone who took the time to review and offered their constructive criticism!

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Pretty deep

So this is cool I like it. It's pretty deep tune you have here and for 3 days of work it's very well done I like the quality of it all very nice work indeed I think you could ad more to it but overall this was a nice piece and I really enjoyed it so nice job on this make more soon

Adding more to this would be great


Sad battle- It's E.P.I.C.

This music really makes my heart sink. It makes me recall all the times i've done something really horrible, and there's no way to undo it. I cried a little, just to admit it. Now, i am an artist, and i drew something to remind me of this. took me about a day to make, but i was pleased with how it turned out. I drew a blood scarred battlefeild with burning building, exploding remnants of a once glorious kingdom, People running for their lives, wailing over dead loved ones in the battle. a bit like josh's description, but it turned out wonderful. yet this song is Extremely well done, and i am happy it was created. It'll be on my mp3 in a couple mins. :P

So painfull and sweet

Yeah, this song is one of my favorite by now : 3

I like your creation a lot and, about what it make me think about, I could say I think about my roleplay on forum. It's make me nostalgic about some olds moments.

Maybe I'll use this song one time later ? Thanks a lot for this moment of sweetness =)

Great Job

If i ever make my animation that i want to create im so going to use this song (with your premision) when one of the main actor dies. This is a great song and it really bring out ppl emotions (which is what i need). Hope you make more songs!


Wow... Just... Wow... Such an emotional song...

You have outdone yourself... Its so nicely composed, and so much feeling flows through this... No matter how hard I try, I can't quite come up with a word to discribe how this has left me feeling... Its amazing...

I also wish to share something in which this song makes me think of. You see, I am part of a very long and dramatic roleplay with my friends, in which I play a certain character who works for the main antagonist, whose name is Kamaru. Kamaru is basically an evil demon who can control fire and a bunch of other objects. Synth, the character I play, absolutly hates the antagonist, but is forced to work for him since the villian had stolen an artifact of his, in which kills Synth if it breaks. (a very complicated story behind that) Somewhere in that madness, he falls in love with a girl named Everia. Kamaru, who is no where near mortal, is infuriated when he finds out, because he views love as a weakness. (yet again another complicated story on that...) Kamaru orders Synth to stab Everia, but Synth refuses and escapes soon after, leaving Kamaru to hunt for him once more. (and Kamaru doesn't break the artifact because he wants Synth as a minion) Synth fleed to Everia, feeling she was someone who could help. However, Kamaru soon found her and Synth, and as soon as he had seen Everia, she burst in to flames due to Kamaru's abilities. Synth struggled to help her, but was held in place by his master, who made him watch her die.
Synth ends up in the end being killed by Kamaru when he tries to stand up for himself. In other words, I get a new character. |D

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