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Bunker - Survival

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Author Comments

Another battle of humanity and machines goes to the end. Bunker is the last and only outpost thats not controled by the machines. Once again you are the last hope for mankind.

Use your mouse to aim and fire. Survive the 25 waves, upgrade to 9 different guns and pickup powerups to improve your firepower even further.

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The concept is linear, simple, and has already been done.
The guns are also basic, and the game results in you only ever using 2, the highest level machine gun you have to kill the small enemies, and the highest level rocket to kill everything else. I would quite call it 9 different guns, more like 3, with 3 levels of strength.
The enemies seemed well planned at first, sending them in, slowly combining them, and then it got repetetive. Worse than that, towards the end of the game it seemed like you had run out of ideas and tried to hopelessly spam foes against us in hopes of making us lose, but you made the player too powerful. The only item I needed was the shield, spam your upgrades on them after you have a level 2 minigun and you're set.
The game was too easy, or impossibly difficult if you got unlucky, and required very little skill or strategy. You get 2 stars for the effort, but I doubt I can be convinced to ever play a game like this again, it's simply not enjoyable at all the way you went about it.

Challenging!!! But...

This game is good, and also challenging. But I feel that the Shield upgrade is too imbalanced. It's too easy in a level that spawn a lot of shield, and hard otherwise. And I also noticed that if 2 tanks bump each other, they are destroyed. Is it intentional? Good game anyway.

Decent but...

Way too much like Imminent and Imminent 2 to be much of anything really good graphichs though

Good game, but...

Its a good game, and that is undeniable, i enjoyed the challenge of getting through this game, but it is oe of the most slow moving games i have ever seen! I have finally managed to get enough money for the second level machine gun, but it needs a real speed boost, the money from each kill is meager at best, needing continued play for maybe days to complete it, and im not looking for a game that takes a long time to reach a truely enjoyable part, i want to jump into a game that is enjoyable as soon as the loading is finished. Im not being harsh, but next time try to speed up the process.

Stable, well thought out.

I like it

Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2010
10:41 AM EST