Survival Fly

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Nothing groundbreaking, just a simple "avoid" type of game. Move the fly with the mouse, collect stars to score points, and avoid getting caught by the frogs.
Have fun!



was there even a point to that?

Okay heres the deal....

It's a decent game I'll give it that. It's nothing fancy but there's a huge flaw. What the hell's with the blue screen saying my computers to slow? To prevent cheating? how the hell will that prevent cheating. If anything it will just frustrate the player. That's my only complaint about this game. It could've recieved a hirger score like a 8 but just for that I'm giving you a 6. Good game but that blue screen is just unecessary

BlueOrbit responds:

There are programs on the net that can slow down flash games, the blue screen comes up when the game is running too slow, to prevent cheating. Unfortunately the blue screen also pops up when the user's computer is too slow. I had to insert this protection in the game to prevent cheating with those programs. Sorry for the inconveniences.

P.S.:Thanks for the review.


nice to play but nt that much of intrest

BlueOrbit responds:

Thanks for the review.

very nice, could be better

i didn't like the music,
adding a third from later on would make it more interesting,
other than that it was great

BlueOrbit responds:

Great tip, thanks!


There is a trick fornever getting caught. Just make the two thrown the tongue in ground's direction.

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2.73 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2010
8:44 AM EST
Skill - Avoid