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Acim's Eye

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Its been awhile since I've submitted anything. And I'm really happy to finally realse this. Its my very first game but I've spent a long time on it. I was originally going to make a simple mouse avoider but decided to take it to another level.. It was a bit over ambitiious expecially since I'm an amuature coder. But I'm happy with the final product. Critisism is greatly appereciated. Also the game might lag so reduce the quality by clicking on the "Q".
*Some things that the game doesn't tell you about*

There's a total of 17 levels but technically there's 19.

If you collect 1000 gold peices you gain a life.

left/right : rotate map
up/down : movment
shift : terminate alternative movment

Please tell me if there are any bugs
*Update* the current bugs are one's in the credits and the level select...

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Really Great

This game is terrific. The concept, the art, and everything. However, I think there's a few things that could use improvement:

- The art is great, but the colors are a bit much. It's kind of hard to read the text.
- Some collision is a bit off. When you run into an arrow, it will push you to the side a bit, and enemies can hit you when you don't touch them.
- The 'sprite' could use some aligning with the animation (his legs don't move at the right pace).

This game has some serious potential. I would consider making a sequel or v2 in the future if I were you!

Sandling responds:

Thanks :].

-Yeah I should have added more contrast to the text..
-Because of the lack of my coding skills it way a positioning error I tried to fix. I could have but it would have lagged.
-I'm not used to animating at a top down perspective. Normally you would be right but if you saw the charecter design you would know he is in no way human. But I know what you mean.

Thanks for the review.


- You should change text/background colors, to make text more readable
- collision's detection isn't accurate (you die before yuo really touch an enemy)
- why, instead of touch/instant kill mechanism don't you implement a touch/loose energy system?

I like the concept of this game, I hope you'll fix its problems!

Sandling responds:

Yeah I thought the text was hard to read so I added a glow effect it didnt work out so much. I should have added more contrast to it.

The wall collison is spot on. But for everything else it isnt the reason is I could have
made them all accurate but It would have lagged the game at my current level.

I prefered the lives system but who knows maybe in the next one it will be both :]

Thanks I appreciate your review :D.

Excellent Idea

The only problem I've had with this game is that when I'm near an edge it says I hit a wall when in fact I didn't.
I also think a 'Save' feature is called for.

Sandling responds:

Yeah I had a level select but it bugged because it would say you had 0 lives and send you to a gameover which is a coding failure on my part.

And yeah the hitTest are made with multiple points scatterd areound the players body and since its a circle well it would be hard to make them all around so I just did four. To prevent lag... But I've learned alot from this and will make the next one better.

So close.

I love the concept!

However, the game itself was a little clunky and difficult because of this. This has great potential, and I would love to see it in a more refined state.

Oh and I noticed that you said "Normally you would take damage for hittimg [sic] walls but that seems mean on the first level," yet whenever I get within a large area of the wall, I get teleported to start.

Fix that in order to allow players to progress through the game.

Like I said, huge potential, good art, great concept, but it just wasn't brought together well.

I look forward to seeing a revised version.

Sandling responds:

Thanks :D

Though since I dont exactally know what you mean by "clunky" I'll just ignore that part but I get the jist of it.

Yes I did.. You got teleported because of the way the engine was designed. this.hitTest(_root.example){
_root.gotoAndPlay("certain level")
But I see your point I'll try and do something differnt for the next one.

Ah well so close, It may not seem like it but I take this review into huge consideration and just makes me want to try harder, thanks for the review.