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Fatal Hunt

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In the year of 2012, a traitor named Andes stole the human gene bank and flee with his evil dream of ruling the world. Super solider Ken and Jane are ordered to capture Andes. Work with them to seize Andes and find out the gene bank. After each level buy new weapons or upgrade your weapons. Fight for the human race!

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Loving it, but...

This game really needs a save/load feature, cos after 21 levels its impossible to kill Andes and player/computer needs to rest. Nobody wants to start it all over from level 1 again. Also recommend a cheaper raygun, cos 400000 is more than most players will have after getting really bored.

Really fun

Up until the point where you can no longer shoot faster than the missles are coming in and it becomes what I can only imagine as being impossible to beat at that point. After about 20 deaths with my main gun at lvl 65 and rate of 2 I had to give up. The best armor and ray gun were still about another 30 minutes worth of play to purchase and I'm not that dedicated to this game.

Overall very nice concept and great fun, the difficulty curve just needs to be corrected. Great job otherwise, I look forward to #2

Decent but frustrating

This was a decent game. Good upgrade system, good enemies, nice concept.

Having said that, its just a replica of that mech game that has slightly more polished graphics, better movement, less lag, more unique weapon systems, etc. There were times I could not strafe, times the lag was so bad i was still in the gun turret shooting at money, and the collision really needs improvement. It was nice the first level or two to be able to shoot enemy bullets away, but this game is really taking it too far with the whole shoot everything concept. my most frustrating moment were the flying missile guys. I know youre saying upgrade, but my standard gun was at rate 2 with power 42 and it could have been rate 0 with power 200. every time i shoot a missile, my shots continue to hit taht same missile. a room full of 8-10 of these missile guys and there are so many missiles, i can barely destroy the missiles, let alone the enemies, runied the pace of the game, which for all other scenarios was super-fast. I would like to see the collision improved, and maybe a better scale for the weapons (all affordable, then raygun super expensive), some items to carry such as medkits, shields, etc, a different upgrade system, and things that can be dropped from the enemies. Maybe im being too picky, but i think if these things were tweaked in teh game, you'd have yourself a solid 10


Good game, but it was a little rushed

You didn't bug test enough. I just found a bug in the text the the room to the left of the starting area, kept writing over and over, and I also walked though the same room of enemies and none of them attacked me. Work on it a little more next time to iron everything out and then put it up. Also try to reduce the lag some more next time.

bad lag

great possibilities but the lag kills the game off as on the later levels i was getting killed before my character would even move