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Spin gears to reach the exit

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Very fun! At certainly helpful for understanding gears :P

Any games planned for 2016?

Komix responds:

a big 3d platformer!

I don't like having to click twice to get to the next level and that the continue button is down in a corner while promotion links are dead center.

Another big flaw is that the name of the game is grayscale and that is a reference to nothing but the color scheme of the game. It in no way influences the game's mechanics. The name should have been to do with the actual mechanics at play.

Finally, I don't like games where there is a level selection screen and a clear boundary between levels with a score screen or something. It just makes games feel incredibly cheap. Much better to just transition smoothly from level to level without any reference to a level "number."

Lot of potential but some serious flaws.

Komix responds:

but you can replay levels!


The name doesn't begin to describe this game. This game is interesting and awesome to play, satisfyingly challenging but easy enough to have fun! Just one thing: It's a little unclear how you go to the next level. Tip: Give the CONTINUE button more significance than the "add this game to your site" button.

@OldKingSol: you have to click continue in the bottom left corner, then it'll take you to the next level. The "add this game to your site" thing does not mean you have to go to another site to play the rest of this game...

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4.04 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2010
4:10 AM EST