Elite Sniper

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Yo! NG'ers, I wanted to bring more dimension to my latest sniper game, so I brought back the simple puzzle sniper type idea and added a zoom feature surrounded by a 3d world. I really focused on the looks and sounds in the game while trying to keep the gameplay fun and simple. Hope you enjoy.


have you ever played wheres waldo? well it's unplayable. so is this game.

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Gameplay: 5/10
Reason: Unable to exit scope view.
Plot: 1/10
Reason: Only a short mission briefing was given, no actual storyline was engineered.
2D Quality: N/A
3D Quality: 2/10
Reason: detail and depth modeling was somewhat poor, and a rotating point of view was not included, restricting the effect that the 3D rendering had.


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sweet game

I loved the ending, classic. Reminded me of the cake is a lie!
Graphics - 10/10 You certainly put effort into maintaining a consistent professional look.
Sounds - 10/10 Also fitted in well.
Story - 9/10 I enjoyed being this assassin that carried out random assignments, kept things fresh. Perhaps just needed more missions/stages/difficulties, or some kind of scoring system. Best time perhaps?
Interactivity - 8/10 Whilst everything operated smoothly and I enjoyed having to madly scan the screen to find the culprit continually shooting me, it would have been great to have an indicator showing which direction the fire was coming from. Or perhaps heavily blur the screen instead of entirely black.

Overall I love games like this and Elite Sniper one was made with much effort. It paid off :) 9/10

not bad but ...

ya well....it's not too bad but it would be better with a general view of what's happening, also, a storyline would add to the game but the shooting is nice

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Not bad...

... but you need clearing things up, more missions and maybe upgradable weapons (Sift Heads style.)

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3.38 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2010
3:09 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person