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Bongo Boom Battlegrounds

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Bongo Boom Battlegrounds is a strategy game inspired by Patapon for the Sony PSP. Customise your army, choose a mission, then lead them into battle using a drum-based control scheme to give commands. Along the way you will encounter an 18 chapter storyline, a variety of enemy soldiers and several large bosses to defeat!

One of the reasons I created this was because it was really HARD looking for a Patapon-type game for the PC, so I made my own: the general style and control scheme may be borrowed from Patapon, but the story, artwork, and other game mechanics are entirely my own. I hope you will enjoy it, and have fun! Feedback is most welcome...

Instructions to play can be found in the game, everything is controlled by the arrow keys and spacebar.

Additional note: Thanks for all the comments, everyone! I hope you all had fun with the game. I've taken note of the more constructive suggestions and criticisms, and am currently working on the sequel... as for those who still feel it's too much of a patapon ripoff, then i sincerely apologize! it was never meant to be a 100% ripoff, i just really liked the idea of using drumbeats to control an army... so i made my own version of it. :)

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This game is based on Patapon 1, so it has the same problems as this like the permanent death of troops, which I did not like. But I have to recognize that everything good like graphics or gameplay is present! A very good inspiration! I also didn't like that when you finish the game you can't keep playing ... it has no replay value... The story is pretty good, just like the music. In other words, this game is very inspired in Patapon 1 and because of that can be very fun! Totally recommended :)


Do it again, please. I want more!


Wow, it's inspired by Patapon?!?!?! I didn't notice! With the small one-eyed avatars, the hunting, the whole beat thing and even colour coated drums. Beautiful, just like the game.

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3.94 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2010
10:47 PM EST