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Nom Nom Adventures

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Author Comments

Use the 'WASD' keys to move and jump.

We have updated some things, and fixed some bugs:

- You now start with 5 hearts.
- You can get an extra heart for every 300 collected nuts.
- Bosses are a bit slower and have less health
- We have changed the order of the intro.
- We have removed world wide high scores, mochi cookies was giving people trouble.
- We have added barriers to the boss battles to make it clear how far you can walk.
- Fixed some small dialog bugs.
- We have fixed a boss edge bug (thanks you ycc2106, for the report :) )
- We have made some small level changes to make things easier. Green 1 is easier, Ice 2 is a bit easier.
- We have made some performance improvements.
- We show a message when the game does not have "focus".
- Added control explanations to worldmap.
- Inactive powerups clearer explained.

Give us any feedback you want, both good and bad, I appreciate it!

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4/5 nuts

Nice graphics. Fluid, challenging; a solid platformer. The only difficulty I experienced was that a double jump couldn't be performed if the squirrel hit a cieling on his first jump. And it'd be nice if there was more reward for getting all 3000.


good fun
I'm glad i claimed my nuts back......


ya know, I was actually thinking of doing something like this! :D greeat game, 9/10 5/5

Has potential

Unfortunately collision detection is way off I can be quite a distance from enemies and still get dinged, jump doesn't always function and specials do not work at all
6/10 for now

DogmaDZ responds:

Thanks for the info. Although there should not be collision or jump issues, I will take a look at why it could feel to you that these things don't work.

Maybe I should clarify things a bit. The specials are unlocked by defeating leaders in the game. Each leader unlocks a powerup on the maps, giving you more ways to complete a map, and also collect more nuts on some maps.

You don't get the powerups automatically, they don't stick with you between levels. You need to find them again on each map. Some levels have built in puzzles based on the powerups.

I hope it helps!

Very Fun

Good graphics, good game altogether.