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Use logic circuits to programme a bot to respond to its environment and complete a series of tasks. (Although full instructions are provided in the in-game manual, this game might require a little familiarity with basic logic circuits.)

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I need help. Can you PM me the solutions to Clinger, part 2, Labyrinth, part 4, and Wilderness, part 2? Desperately need it. Also, this game is AWESOME! 5.0/5.0 STARS!!!

A great start to a game

but the programming controls are difficult at first. eventually, i figured out how the UI works, but until then, it was very frustrating.

I think it would be easier if you could click on a circuit part and it would cycle through all numbers.

please continue the project, but do improve the programming interface.

could have been fun...

except the instructions are kinda more of a detriment than any kind of help, i mean yeah sure, the tutorials give you the answers for those, but they don't even give you a hint as to WHY it works, which, sadly is the important part.

i'm not saying you should have written a paper basically teaching about even rudimentary circuit design practices for this, but giving an answer without a reason why it's right, or why what the person tried was wrong is just frustrating.
i really like the idea though and honestly i've been thinking about taking classes for this kind of stuff, but it still would have been nice if the game could be fun for the laymen out there too who won't understand why the tutorial solutions solved it well enough to figure out a solution on their own.

3/5 vote because it's a really cool idea and honestly something i've never seen done with flash before, you would have gotten the other 2 points if the circuit interface was explained better, for instance if i have circuits 1-1 selected and want to change to having 2-2 selected instead i can't even figure out if selecting one half is changing which side of the other it's connected to, it would be nice to be able to see the connections you've made somehow on the circuit list panels.
and also because your collision detection doesn't come close to lining up with the path that's too small for it in the first labyrint example, at least, i assume green is a wall and scent? or just a scent? couldn't tell you and unfortunately neither did the game, but the bot was halfway over the green the entire time which looked kinda funky him driving straight through part of the wall.

stars however you get 9/10 for a good concept that's rarely if ever done in flash.

richthepanda responds:

Thanks for the comments, and you've raised some good points. Actually, this started out as an experiment in script-interpretation that I wasn't even planning to release (which explains, hopefully, the lack of sound and graphics). Even the tutorials were only done after loads of people moaned about the lack thereof at Kongregate. I realise that the interface is really awkward and that the audience targeted is rather narrow. I'll possibly make a proper game out of this - and address all these points - in the future.

Thanks again.

Yay but duh...

I give this a full ten points, even though I didn't make it past the first task!
I actually had quite a good feeling after the tutorials, but I fought for nearly 45 minutes and now I'm giving up. It's just too difficult. Well it challenges you mentally and the idea is kinda cool. Maybe I'll give it another try later ;)

richthepanda responds:

I'm glad that you enjoy the game. An example solution to the first stage (Labyrinth, part ii) is:

Circuits 1-7, i.e., lines labelled 01 to 07:


Output - i.e., lines labelled L+, L-, R+ and R-:


Go to the level, hit ESC and paste the above script into the appropriate lines in the window that opens. Click "back" and you can watch the bot collect the pods and take a look at its circuits. Hope this helps.


only issue is the level select menu is really hard to read, needs contrast. great game tho