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Brick Smasher

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cool funny game

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It's nice. But no more than that.

Like the others said, it's a new type of gameplay, which I like. But there were some things that made it less fun for me.
- The Mega Ball power-up lasts WAY too long and pops up too many times, which makes this game too easy.
- The were only two upgrades, and they were both 'positive' (the real Arkanoid also contains bad power-ups, like a shrinking paddle)
- Once my paddle became large, it didn't shrink (which, again, makes it too easy)
- I never lost any lives (and I really got hit by bricks sometimes)
- The game is pretty cpu-intensive
- I couldn't see my cursor, which went off-screen sometimes. You should either make it visible or change the controls.
- There are no highscores.
- There are no levels or new challenges.

I still liked the game, the music was nice and it had some nice graphics. If you'd add all the above listed, this could make it.

nice think

it's a new cool new type game. the think with the bloc who fall are funny :P


I don't find the funny part, but it's addictive!!! XD and cool idea of the bricks hitting the player or whatever it is,, I enjoyed playing but does it ends?, there should be levels or something making it more complex

anyway, nice game

Great classic gameplay with a new twist

I have to say, the Arkanoid/Breakout-style game has been done a lot, but you really did a good job at making it new and fresh!

What makes this game is the persistent level and the powerups. Arkanoid was always made of separate levels and often the levels dragged on once you had 2 or 3 blocks left to get that were in harder sections to get the ball into. This game absolutely wipes out that one bad aspect of this game.

Also, the powerups really make the game tons of fun. They persist, meaning you get "pumped up" like in the classic shooting sidescroller games. Once you get Armor, Large Paddle, and Super Ball, you're a block-bashing points machine. Losing a life obviously humbles you back to standard gameplay, but that's was always the challenge to those shooting sidescrollers, and that's the challenge for this game.

This is a perfect game for attempting to hit that high score during a lunch break, and it even has a decent music loop to go with it. While the music can get annoying over time, that's what the mute button is for.

Only suggestions I could give would be a high score list and the ability to mute the sounds and the music (separately would be ideal, for those that want game sounds but not the music loop). Also, more music loops and maybe different game modes would propel this game to higher levels.

Thanks for the great game! Another great timewaster to add to my arsenal!

I like this very much!

I have played tons of these kinds of games, but this was a very impressive entry! It helps that the background music is really nice. I am amazed at how you managed to create something that went beyond being formulaic that truly has a style of its own. It was awesome how the blocks kept reappearing and you could just let the game play itself. Apparently, this game never really ends and I just love it for that! It's a great time waster in that it really doesn't end and it's difficult to die anyway.

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4.40 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2010
11:13 AM EST