Battleship Conflict

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Fire/Action: Left Mouse Button

Each player has 5 ships in his fleet in different lengths.
After the deployment of the ships you will fire in rounds. You only have one shot per round. A ship is only scuttled if all of its squares are hit.

The player who destroys the whole fleet of his opponent first, wins.

The connection issues some people had should be fixed now. But keep in mind that if you block the port 9339 on your firewall than you will connect via an http-tunnel to the server instead. Http-tunnel connection is very slow compared to an socket connection. Which means that it can take a while until the game loads and shows up due to the slow connection process via the http-tunnel.



i cant connect

himmelweiss responds:

Try it at www.flashecke.de, if you also can't connect there then yes check your firewall settings.

I would be happy if someone actually can write me at jpielmeier@flashecke.de to figure out why "can't connect" occurs for some people. Would be nice to figure out the main issue for theese players.

The doesn't seem to load...

AT FIRST, but then if you give it some time it will magically load XD, I think It's just a preloader glitch. A good strategy game I must say!, reminds me of a some kind of board game I used to play where you had to destroy your opponent's ships, It was somewhat like what you had to do in this game too. I take away 2 points from your rating : 1 for the preloader and another 1 for the fact that you have to wait for an opponent before you begin since It's a multiplayer and It can be annoying when random people decide to battle you and you are forced into the game then somewhere during the middle they surrender and leave.

Overall, not too bad of a game, I got bored after awhile but I guess that's just me not being a big fan of strategy games that much.

himmelweiss responds:

Maybe your connection to my server is very slow, and that's why it takes a while until the game loads. But that's just a guess.

If players leave or surrender then i don't have control over that. I can't drive quick to their home and tell them "please do not surrender/leave".

However, thanks for your report.

I really can't review this...

I can't even connect. >_>
I suppose this is multiplayer or something? You should label it as such, though that does not explain why I "Can't connect!".

himmelweiss responds:

If you can't connect, one possible solution could be that your firewall settings (if any) is blocking the Port 9339 which is required to connect to the server for an socket connection. But even if your firewall/router is blocking the port then you should connect via an http connection. If that also doesn't work then your general security settings are set to high within the browser or flash player security settings. It can get even more complicated than that. However, the reason why you can't connect is not the server's fault. I can safely say this since thousands of people play dayly on my server. Of course there will always pop up players reporting that they can't connect due to security settings.

Game does not load.

... Also, per your comments, it sounds like just a poor Battleship clone.

himmelweiss responds:

If the game didn't load then your connection to my server is very slow due to various reasons such as:
- you are far far away located and any hop between you and my server could slow down the connection or even break it
- your firewall/router or any other security settings is blocking like everything

However, to be honest, don't rate a multiplayer game zero if you couldn't connect, because in most cases the error lies in the players home setup or like stated above in the connection between you and the server (any hop, another server). It's hard to tell, i can only guess, and you can only guess. So rating my game 0 is quite offending with the reasons you are giving. Like i said above in another response, thousands of players play daily without any connection issues.

Last but not least: It is for sure not a poor battleship clone, i have seen many multiplayer battleship versions online, and this is by far one of the better ones. But it's for sure not perfect! But there are already some people who put the game into favorites here on newgrounds and on other portals i also got alot of positiv feedback.

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2.64 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2010
12:06 AM EST
Strategy - Other