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Urban School Legend

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There is an urban legend about a ghost that comes out to haunt the school at 7PM sharp at the night of the full moon. You're trapped inside your classroom and it's almost 7PM, you must find a way to get out of the classroom before the clock strikes 7!

Happy 2010 Newgrounds!!!


Do a little research and you'll find that the aren't only one type Roman numbers;)

Good luck!

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It had a great atmosphere. The timer keeps you on the edge. But some parts are frustrating when you have to search certain areas. Pretty good game overall.

Brilliant game, pretty challenging and AMAZING use of tension.
PS - Did anyone see what the ghost looked like? I finished thhe game before it came :/

Could've used some playtesting

The game had a creepy atmosphere and thus gave the sense of urgency to finish the puzzles as quickly as possible, so points on that. Graphics were nicely done as well.

But in the end after numerous attempts and recalculations, I gave up on the roman numeral puzzle many others seem to have trouble with too. This pretty much spoiled the rest of the game.


There's something i'm not getting. I like games that do make my head fizzle, so yeah. But I need someone to explain to me these other numerals.

StoneAgeGames responds:

You need to use mathematic to solve it
CMCCXXIX= (1000-100)+100+100+10+10+(10-1)
and i already put Example VIII=5+3=8
So they need to solve it with the use of example
where the 1st number value is smaller then subtraction, else is addiction.


Roman numeral problem

I like this game but the biggest problem I see with it is that the roman numeral problem is so obscure that it is impossible to figure out. A better clue about what supposed version of Roman numerals you are talking about might be suggested. I still haven't figured it out and I have tried every forseeable combination.