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Planet Flyer

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This was a unique project for me. The robot was incredibly fun to design, but I got bored of the game half way through, so it's actually been in development for two months. Fortunately, I have another game done, and another game almost done, so expect a lot from me over the next few weeks. Oh, and it's called plannet flyer because it's real name, planet runner, is already in use.

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another great game

loved the game loved the music loved everything about it. Your going places kid ya know that maybe not straight to the top. But your getting there Don't stop making your games and keep your design the same 'k? 10/10 5/5

A bit blah

Upgrades!! We all love upgrades, that's what makes the game more fun. Better steering of the ship, better booster to go fast. Some weapons to destroy the planets if need be. Even customizing the ship so it looks really cool and what not. Also different sizes and speeds of the planets would make it more challenging.

A heads up, there's some bugs that needs to be fixing. When I got blown up by a planet, the game didn't restart and just sat there. When I hit the arrow keys, the screen would move like I had an invisible ship. Also, the planets disappeared but the background was still there. You might want to check up on that.

meman32 responds:

Thats a known bug, but unfortunately I haven't been able to produce it enough times to fix it. What browser and flash versiona re you using? That'll probably help me pinpoint it.


6/10 for the physics engine.

Simply put, the game has no spark. No zest. Nothing which motivates me to play this game, over any other in-space physics-based flashy game.

Perhaps a larger arena, or a variety of planets to avoid, might help.

Lastly (and on a side note), I recommend that you refrain from tossing accusations around. Unless, of course, you can prove that he/she knew your title choice, and plotted to use it first.

meman32 responds:

I was being sarcastic, but I'll change it, I forgot how easily sarcasm could be misunderstood.

It was quite good :)

A little fun factor was missing. Maybe a more dynamic background, smaller faster planets, planets which change the gravity more, some powerups (for dunno, faster flying, shooting down a planet :D)..

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4.18 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2010
8:53 AM EST