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Chord Maker

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This is a little musical gadget to create your own tunes and melodies. You could also use it to hone your ear if you want perfect pitch or to better learn which notes are in chords. When you click on a note or a chord the corresponding notes light up on the interface so you can see what is being played.
Feedback and suggestions for future versions are most welcome.

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Great idea. Iagree with the previous comment that a metronome would be a good idea. Also, a sound option would be nice inclusion, with different instrument options. I still love the concept and idea though. Very nice.

Its neat, but should have more.

If you are trying to make a music gadget, it should have more than just this, maybe add things like a metronome, etc.


I like the idea, only a few mistakes. In the major chords D# and A# are not spelled correctly so you get a sus 2 chord instead. Also in minor, the f minor chord actually spells and sounds a sus 4 chord. In b min the root is missing, and the half step between f# min and g min is not represented soniclly. This could be a great learning tool for those starting out with beginning music theory, the overall look is quite professional. Perhaps you could make one that gives extended chord spellings for the future. Nice job.

i liked it

i liked it but after some min. i get bored...still like it 8/10


i like it. nice idea but the previous chords should stop when you click a new one