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I made a dress-up using her character Eri (for more of him visit her dA: usagi-dorobou). The main reason I've uploaded this is because I've never actually had anything to upload, so I may as well, eh? I know it'll probably get blammed, but meh, nothing lost.

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i see.............................................

while now perfect,it is a good time waster,you obviously spent time on it,as there is no way it can make you upset,but only enlighten you,so,this is a win,however,it is not an epic win,so,good job,and make something with boobs next time

avian-reader responds:

...Thanks :)

I'm not 100% sure what you just said, but it sounded encouraging. As for boobs, I'll do my best to include them.


a nice randome game =] the art was better then most can do, and had some random additions (the zombie thing? lol!) i like it, i'm glad i wasted my time on this =D

avian-reader responds:

Thank you :) I'm glad it was enjoyable for you as a little timewaster. Lol, I also planned a kid mode and gender bender mode too, but never got around to them.

good job

For a first flash submission, this is better than average. The zombie mode put it over the top. Keep at it.

avian-reader responds:

Thanks :) I'll remember to keep practicing.


The game itself works great, but your anatomy is very distorted. I'd suggest practicing your art skills some more. Also, having to click through the clothes is a little tedious to me, is there a way to make each article it's own button?

I gave it a 7 because he has antlers. :)

avian-reader responds:

Thank you for the review :)
-Lol, I suck at drawing. I'm tring to get in practice like you say, so hopefully I can improve over time. It didn't help that I don't draw manga often, I only did it to fit with her style somewhat.
-I see what you mean again with the buttons. I decided to go for buttons rather than drag'n'drop because I personally find drag'n'drop really annoying. However, like you say, the way I've done it is quite tedious. I think individual buttons could probably be done to achieve a much better effect.
-Thanks very much :)

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4.29 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2009
11:31 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up