Mitta on Starryland

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There was a time when the sky was full of light and happiness and Mitta lived in peace, watching the beautiful stars of Starryland... Then, one day, his favorite star disappeared and the sky went dark and was filled with sadness.Move the vision star with your mouse to cut through the fog. Collect all of the stars while avoiding the baddies.

This was and old project, for kids and girls. Hope you like it! Thanks

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Rather easy

Now I don't write reviews all too often however I feel that since I am starting to make my own flash games that I might as well start sharing my opinion.

1) No by no means do I mean make the game real in every aspect however I feel you may want to think about your gravity value as jumping and falling we both rather slow which can put people off a game, especially when it comes to dodging enemies.

2) Make it clear that you have to actually dodge the things coming accross the screen. Also on some of the levels the enemy would kill you just after the start of the level as you havn't started moving. It also seemed they were on a continual loop...Using Math.random() along with + and * can add some variety to it as it is unknown where the enemy will come. You could even use something simple like Math.ceil(Math.random()*2) to make it come from either the right or the left (Math.ceil() making the number round up so 1 or 2 are the outcomes)

3) I use a desktop computer however did use a laptop for quite some time. Having the ability to choose to use AWSD or Arrow Keys is usually a vital component to games as it allows for players who are left handed or right handed without having to have hands crossing over each other.

4) Having levels that scolled as you went through the levels would be good or basically zooming in on the player a bit more.

5) Lastly you may want to take a quick look at your lives as it said I was on 0 all the way through the game.

too simple

add more than one screen worth of platform per level and AWSD controls for people with laptops so they don't have to cross their arms to play the game

nice work

liked the gameplay, using the the mouse to open up the level and the arrow keys to move around was really cool. the sound kidda got repetative tho..
other than that it was good 8/10

lartar responds:


so so

ok i don't like it but that just me its a good game if your in to that type of think

lartar responds:

Thanks for your opinion

Not bad, has some problems

Not bad, and a nice take on a platformer. A few issues:

1) GLARING: I found it nearly impossible to click on the arrows for continuing the story. I ended up clicking pixel by pixel in the general vicinity until I finally got it to register. This process took me nearly ten minutes.
2) Music gets old fast.
3) Other uses for the star besides illumination? That could add some more dimensions to the gameplay.
4) Game play is well done, but has been done often enough. Add some more interesting stuff, bigger levels, powerups, etc. and you'll have something in the 8-10 range.

My 2 cents. Hope it helps.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2009
5:56 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other