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i started making this game yesterday so dont be too hard on it. If you find any bugs other than the ai shaking please pm and i'll update this for new year.

please recommend this for the christmas 2009 collection.

I'll add some sound/music soon.

All constructive feedback is welcomed

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needs a few tweaks

this game has a solid core, but it needs a few changes, like you should be able to used the WASD key, and also that tanks should probably move faster.

:) Merry Christmas.

Not a bad game for only taking a day to make. Though, it shows. There should be levels involved at the very least. If there"were" levels, I didn't play long enough to find out. The game obviously gets pretty old and repetitive after only a wave or two, and I didn't see anyway to tell which way you were facing to tell if you were moving forward or not.
Like I said, not bad for as quickly as it was slapped together. Nothing worthy of front page though. Work on the animation, add a few different kinds of enemies, and make it where you work towards something rather than just killing infinite amounts of what I assume are elves.
Try to put a bit more time into what your doing.

Too Simple

I don't know if this is your first game or your second but it wont last here. First I dont even see why you make the tank move if you can shoot anywhere on the game so moving it just pointless. Second there isn't any sound. Take more time add more depth and story. Postive note, its always fun killing anything with a tank.

Has Some Creativity

Here are some improvements you can make
- Theme the backround make it green or red with more candy canes and objects
-Work harder on the elves animation give them faces make them bigger
-This has some fire keep working on it and upgrading it do not leave this project behind

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2.00 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2009
7:57 PM EST