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Inside the Studio

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Author Comments

If you are not familiar with the movies of Alfred Hitchcock, many of the jokes will be lost on you. Enjoy

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My films are slices of pie.

One of my favorite Clock flashes! Hitchcock* is one of my favorite directors, and I'm a big ClockCrew fan, so combine the two=WINNER. Great satire. Nice Reservoir Dogs reference, too.



quite nice, funny


The graphics, sound and that were all good but the movie itself was pretty boring. if it had been more interesting I might have voted higher.


Omg it made me cry, or i shed a teer, or something sentimental and soft

Good idea but moves too slowly.

Clever idea, even though it drags on at parts. The two movie parodies are inventive, but also suffer from poor pacing. And that doesn't look much like Tom. On the whole though, it's decent work.