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Xmas Frenzy

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OK, here's a small Xmas platformer we put together recently. It's simple, hope u like it! Merry Xmas to all!

Best played as a popup. If game lags, set graphics quality to Low!

The Xmas presents are rebelling! Help Santa get the problem under control and jump on the presents before they doom the Earth!

Every time you jump on an xmas present a new present is added to the tree. Your objective is to fill the Christmas tree at the top left with presents. The ultimate goal is to fill the final diamond tree.

Can you get through all the levels?

Try not to land on spikes or get trapped or pushed off the screen - that will cost you hit points.

Look out for bonuses!


Arrow keys to move. Double press up arrow key for double jumping.

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Enjoyable enough

It's too bad I wasn't able to play this before Christmas actually came and it looks dated now. I think what really saved this was how good the music was. It's the classic "Jingle Bells" melody, but has a new, cool twist going on for it. I also liked how the graphics and the entire theme was pretty original and fun to play. It was pretty hard seeing what the difference was between things I was supposed to step on and things I wasn't. I'm glad there are so many lives in this game.

Great Christmas game

This was a real cool Christmas platform game,the graphics looked great i especially loved the background and the controls were really good and responsive,the music was very enjoyable to listen to mainly cause i'm a big techno fan and overall i had a lot of fun with this game and wouldn't mind playing it again.


it was okay but not a game you play for more than 5 minutes, and there were some glitches but you can live with that otherwise pretty nice game!

It Had Potential

The idea and game mechanics are great, it's just the one major problem that's the reason why this game is getting so many low ratings: it's too glitchy. I'm not saying there are any actual glitches, but the game just feels really gimmicky. Like stop and go traffic. I wasn't feeling it.

There's much room for improvement, so if another version was worked on, I'm sure the game would fare better than this version.