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MGS: Flash Version

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I made this AGES agao so I'm sorry it's not that great. The coding is really simple, and there is no actual stealth involved because I never finished it. There's not a lot to this, but if I ever need something to do, maybe I'll come back to this and mess around with it.

The controls are in the game.

NOTE: Preloader does not work. I DON'T know why. Just leave it for however long your computer takes to load a 1.6MB .swf Shouldn't be long at all.

There's an Easter Egg just for the hell of it, so if you find it, you're l33t.

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ocelot wuz here 08

nice easter egg and i found another secret....

much ado

for what ive played so far im giving it a 10/10 its just a shame its not finished i hope you come back to it soon cos so far the game play is awesome :) great work but please finish..
exaeaarmor is right too, if there could be voices in the codecs calls it would make the game more promising good luck :) \m/

Looked Awesome...

The game looked awesome but unfotunatly it wouldn't load for me...
Does anyone have any suggestions to help me? It sounds awesome!


i like it and think u should finish, polish it up and u could get like signed off of this game.