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SSSG - Echoes of the Past

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Author Comments

This is a point and click adventure, investigate the area and find clues to solve puzzles.
There are two modes, easy with some extra help and Hard with out any help.
Leader boards for both modes.

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For some reason there was this horrible clicking noise on the menu. Some of the photos were blurry. The house in the background of area 26 looks to modern for the 70's. No real story, could you pick a better starting point next time instead of plopping us in the middle of the map and give use no direction then rating us on how many clicks it takes to beat it (including in the menu & that's just bogus) when we don't even know where to really start and have to randomly click things. then clicking to close the little black box adds clicks to drag down my score. after a few minutes the music stops and never starts up. you need to find away to separate what clicks to score cuz this is seriously messed up.

selfdefiant responds:

Wow, where do I start? The clicking noise was a bug, I will upload a new version. The photos where compressed so the game wouldn't be to big. The cult built the small town in the 70's the game takes place in present day. There is a story if you play you will notice this. Am I supposed to have you arrive on a bus? You start where you start, come on. You figure out what to do, that's part of the game. Yes, counting clicks. If you have to go to the menu, the clicks should be counted. Good players will get a good score either way. By the way, you don't have to click the little black text box to close it, it will close on it's own! This game is really old. My newer games are much better.

Nothing impressive, unfortunately

While I liked the idea of using photography for the scenes (very good photography, by the way), and I liked that I was given a map right off the bat, I can't really say I'm impressed by this. It's mostly just a lot of clicking about. There's not even half a story to go with it, and even after I reached the end, I still didn't know what it was I had been doing the whole time. Perhaps add a bit more story to it?

I can say this, though: I LOVED the music, and I desperately want you to upload it to the Audio Portal here on Newgrounds. I'd love to have it.


takes 1million years to even do anything...

Bad implementation of a novel concept.

Using photos like this was a neat idea and I'd like to believe it could have been done well. Most of these photos are so cluttered though that the important items barely stand out - I only find them by sweeping the mouse over every possible spot on screen and guessing. It makes for some counterintuitive moments too - after unlocking that shed to get a shovel and uncovering a key with it, I found several shovels leaning on the front of the same building it unlocks. For some reason those shovels just weren't good enough, I guess? More attention to detail would really help you here. Either shop the redundant shovels out of the photo, or for a better twist maybe have one's rotten handle come off in your hand when you try to pick it up, another break when you try to use it. Well, either way you're going to need to shop those shovels out of the photo, actually.

Also, after I got the compartment in the radio to open, my cursor froze as the cursor-and-question-mark one and wouldn't recognize any object. I wandered through several rooms before it changed back and then came back to find I couldn't examine the radio. Look into that bug.

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2009
8:56 PM EST