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Roco's Glorious Adventure

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Author Comments

I have had quite some experience with Actionscript. However of the much to large amount of time that has passed without work on this project, certainly illustrates how my art style and scripting skills have changed.

This game was more of an experiment, turned into final project for a multimedia apprenticeship. Coming into the start of my project I was wary If I would be able to finish my game. Now I may say with conviction Roco's Glorious Adventure is deemed completed, but not finished. The game play is lacking. A story isn't really prevalent. There are many loose ends and I my animation leaves a lot to be desired.

I am certainly enthralled with the completion of my first game, yet my reaction is slightly stunned due to sleep deprivation and absence of self motivation. This game has arduously sauntered by over a few moths time. Although I wasn't completely committed. A few hours here and there. Progress was stunted for weeks at a time and for what? Ten minutes of game play.

As my story comes to a close I must bring into attention that it is now your turn. Feel free to list bugs , ,improvements, added tasks, holiday themed, more bosses, complaints, more enemies, if it is to hard or to easy, and most importantly feel free to tell me if you enjoyed it!

Also I hid a sly easter egg.

The Benefits: Infinite Life (you won't die)

1. It's black
2. You have to click upon it to activate it
3. It's about the size of a small paper clip

Oh and if you go into Roco's Space Ship and click on the metal sword you automatically equip it!

** Good Luck **

And Thank You For Your Time!!

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Got potential!

Not a bad piece of work at all. It's got a good feel and styling to it, but frankly it falls to sheer lack of professionalism. We're talking a multitude of weird bugs here and a very unclear environment. It really is hard to explain exactly what the game needs without going into specific, so for instance one problem was after you entered the cat grotto you had to fall into a huge group of enemies and died. Without the EEGG I would have died every-time. Also for instance, the shift between levels wasn't clear (worst was once you killed the second boss and the beginning of the cat level, how did he get there?). Not a bad piece of work all in all but some polishing is definitely in order.
Thanks for the game and good luck in the future!

SmallEnterprises responds:

Thank you for the insight. I do apologize, it was a little rushed. Where you able to bet to the final boss? I feel my best work was that final level.

Here's a tip:

press down on a and s continually while your in the middle of the enemies.

not bad

definatly not a bad game at all. but soem things to improve.
HP Ups
More enviroment detail
and a couple small glitches. for one there is a block that i sometimes hit on the very first jump. by this i mean my guy would stop mid air. this did not happen all the time and it was only that jump. as a fellow coder (my vice being C++ though), all i can say is good luck with that one. i know how painful the intermittent problems can be to find.

overall good job and keep up the good work.

SmallEnterprises responds:

THANKS!! I am working on the glitches as we speak! Thanks for the insight.

Roco's Glorious Adventure

Good for a class project, but definitely needs some improvement. More lives and health should regenerate over time.

SmallEnterprises responds:

It wasn't a school project. I am enrolled in a graphic design apprenticeship. My game was extracurricular. I am paid 100 dollars a month to do things like this.

Well I am learning! I can't be a professional at 13 years old. Did I mention that?

Great Game

Just too many gliches, see if you can fix them. And as what they are you will have to play the game you will see them

SmallEnterprises responds:

Glitches, hmmmm. I know my engine sucks. I wrote the code a few moths back yet i didn't have the time to completely rewrite my engine.

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2009
3:46 AM EST