Sleepy moon

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I was making this with my friend, he handled the drawing i did the scripting. tohugh im a bit dissapointed in how the physics are very... jerky. anyways its one of my first flash things.

use the arrow keys to control the moon



its a loop, loops dont get u anywhere here, my advice is go back and try again.

CyberFox01 responds:

thnx a lot guys, considering this is my first submission it's hard words some of u threw at me.

i case u didn't notice this "game" DOES have interactivity. try using the arrow keys

i think it sucked as a game, but i find it hilarious so i decided to upload it since it was also my first

*description changed

Well, uh that was interesting

Considering this was your first it's nott he worst i've seen but this is posted in the games category. This is more of a movie if anything else. Try putting some more of a story or detail to this and if making a game, make some sort of interation. Something we can do instead of just watch.

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This is your first

This is your first flash so i didnt blame it but you shuld put more attention how you describe it becouse it is shown as a game and it is defenetly not a game

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dude, this is not up to par

.. nor is it a game... if you can't even upload to the proper category, odds are you can't create a worthwhile flash.

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Dec 11, 2009
7:58 AM EST